How To Ensure Your Staff Is Presenting Itself Well Online

The world has truly gone digital with people working together for months or even years without seeing each other physically. Now it is more important than ever to make sure your staff and company are honing their online reputations. The company should present itself in as professional of a way as possible. This all starts with the website as a clunky website can scream unprofessional especially with all of the easy-to-use website builders around. The following are tips to ensure your staff is presenting itself well online. 

Clean Up Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts have led a number of people to consequences that they would have never imagined. Cleaning up those social media accounts is something that needs to be done. The truth is that having a personal and professional social media account might be best. Personal accounts can use a middle name rather than a full name so they cannot be easily searched. 

In certain industries, it is essential to have LinkedIn as it can help salespeople learn about clients, allow clients to put a face to a name, and help promote the company via content. Professional headshots are imperative during this process as blurry pictures can make people think they are not talking to a person but rather an outsourced professional. Cleaning up grammar is also imperative as some people created their profiles years ago when LinkedIn was not as important. 

Social media accounts that also list the name of the company should be free of political posts as these can be reserved for private accounts. Losing a client that is steadfast in their political beliefs does happen more in today’s world than ever before. During the 2020 election, people lost close friends dso a client will be far quicker to drop a service provider if an ironclad contract is not in place. 

Put Policies In Place About Content Posted Online

While it seems ridiculous, there are so many people that complain about coworkers or managers. This can cause tension in the office as most people have added each other online or at least one person at the office. Putting policies in place about this is important as you do not want morale to go down due to one or two people trying to cause problems. If they want to complain on a non-public platform, this is more than fine and they have the right to do so. 

The company or at least a manager from the company should be added to profiles that mention the place of employment for the member of the staff. This can ensure that the company doesn’t face any PR nightmares due to a rant. Most people of a certain age understand the consequences of posting inappropriate content by now on social media. 

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Today’s world is all about creating the best online reputation for a business possible. Your staff is an essential part of this as people do look at staff on various platforms when entering into business with them.

Heron Nelson

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