10 Tips to Create a Fun Work Environment and Boost Employee Happiness

Did you know companies with happy employees tend to outperform their competition by 20%?

When you make work a happier environment, your employees will perform better. By showing your employees you’re committed to their happiness, it will instantly change their mentality. 

Not sure if your employees are enjoying themselves on the job? Read on for ten tips to create a fun work environment.

1. Have Group Outings 

You want to show employees if they work hard, they can also play hard. To make the office a fun place, you should organize and encourage group outings. 

Encourage team leaders to take out members of their team for a night of fun. There are many different types of group outings they can organize such as bowling, happy hours, or picnics.

2. Office Dog

If you’re truly committed to making the office a fun place, why not get an office dog? Having a dog around will help reduce stress, increase productivity, and make everyone happier overall. What better way is there to blow off some steam than petting a dog throughout the day? However, as most people in the office will be preoccupied with work, it is important that there is at least someone who will constantly check on the dog. Although dogs can go without food and water for a couple of days, it is best to not let that happen. Ensure that the dog has a comfortable bed, enough toys to play with and most importantly adequate food and water throughout the day.

3. Have a Game Area

Day to day work tasks and the pressure to meet deadlines can take a toll on employees. One of the best ways to keep your team motivated is to have a game area where they can recharge their batteries.

If your employees have had a long day and could use a break, a game area is a perfect place for them to go. 

Having space with a pool table, darts, and board games encourage employees to take a moment away from their desk. To make the game area more inviting, try adding beanbags, a coffee area, and refreshments. 

Check out this office coffee guide to learn how to make the coffee station more inviting.

4. Dedicate a Day to Beer

Want to put a smile on your employees’ faces? Bring cold beers into the office every once in a while, and they will be happy having something to look forward to. 

Try making every Friday afternoon a beer day and your employees will have something to look forward to. During Beer Friday, everyone in the office will get a chance to come together in the common room and have a beer.

This will allow them to socialize, meet new people in the office, and even brainstorm about work—all while having fun.

5. Fun Wellness Incentives

What a better way to bond as a team and get fit at the same time than to have a wellness incentive for your employees?

When you invest in the wellness of your employees, you help to make them happier people. There are many ways you can encourage wellness and have the entire team participate. 

Many workplaces like to organize a fitness or steps challenge and make it a competition. At the end of the month, the employees with the most steps win a prize. 

You can also bring in a nutritionist to talk about healthy snacks and how to cook more nutritious lunches. 

Another way to encourage wellness in the office is to put together teams to run in a 5K or other fitness challenge. They can pledge their run to help their favorite charity.

Employees might also enjoy participating in yoga or pilates classes. Bring in an instructor and encourage them to sign up for classes during their break. 

6. Invest in Their Professional Development

Another way to make your employees happy is to show them you care about their professional development. 

For example, you can start a book club and read books about finances or professional development. Bringing in speakers to talk about professional development will also help your employees. 

You can also offer them discounts to lectures, online courses, or conferences. When you give them the tools to succeed, they’re more likely to work hard and enjoy doing so.  

7. Celebrate Work Friendships

Although not all co-workers will be best friends forever, it’s important to encourage friendships and socializing to make the workplace more fun.

When employees know each other beyond a first name basis, it makes collaborations a lot smoother. Work friendships also create a compassionate work culture that helps employees stay more engaged. 

8. Encourage Decorations

On any given week, employees spend at last 40 hours in the office. You should encourage them to decorate their work station. 

Personalizing their desk with photos and other personal items can make them feel more at home. 

Also, some office buildings can feel quite sterile and cold. To fix this problem, allow them to showcase their holiday spirit by decorating the office for national holidays.

9. Allow them to Have Hobbies

There’s more to life than work, and the happiest employees have managers who understand that fact. Many people enjoy hobbies outside of work, so encourage them to dive in and build their skills.

If they like to take spin classes, why not offer them a discount to a studio? The same could be done for golf or biking. Or, if someone has a hobby they’d like to share, offer to let them host a class for your team after office hours.

10. Celebrate Their Small Wins

Employees put a lot of effort into everything they do, and they like to know their employers recognize them for it. 

If you want to make your employees happy, start by recognizing their small wins. 

Make sure they feel appreciated it and let them know you recognize their progress. While you don’t have to throw an award ceremony, little gestures go a long way. 

For example, if a team meets and exceeds their numbers for the month, try throwing them a pizza party or giving them a small gift card. 

How to Create a Fun Work Environment

Now that you know how to create a fun work environment, it’s time you put your skills to the test. To create happier employees, start by organizing company hangouts, encouraging hobbies, and investing in their wellness.

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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.