10 Cheap Ways to Advertise Your Business

Small business marketing can be a daunting task, especially for those who don’t have much of a budget for it. Fortunately, you don’t have to spend a lot on marketing efforts.

The following suggestions are ideal for businesses who want to get started but aren’t able to spend much.

1. Share Great Quality Content for Free on Your Blog and Social Media

Every marketing initiative that you begin will piggyback off your blog. Your blog is the place where you can send visitors, nourish relationships, and collect leads. By sharing content that you have expertise in, you can gain the trust of your audience and can help them find the information they’re looking for online.

2. Offer Value and Spend Time in Other Communities

Join LinkedIn and Facebook groups that align with your industry, and regularly offer actionable information and guidance to spark curiosity in what you do.

3. Spend Time Locally Networking

Many small business associations host networking events. Getting involved and connected is the first step to becoming a known expert in your area.

4. Sign up for a Free Google My Business and Yelp Listing

All search engines allow businesses to create a listing for themselves. These listings are major game players if you want to help your company become visible in the local map and web searches.

5. Start a Facebook or Linkedin Group

Beginning a group that’s focused on a theme or topic, you feel comfortable leading a discussion about can be incredibly useful. For example, a graphic designer could lead a group named “Design Help for Small Business Owners.”

6. Write an Article for a Niche Site or Industry Magazine

“Instead of running an advertisement, writing an article can offer much more value for no charge. Numerous websites and magazines allow guest posts, and you can often include a link to your website,” explained Jason Chalik, a car accident attorney in Plantation.

Since editorial teams for larger publications are usually flooded with pitches, it’s important to set yourself apart and demonstrate your credibility. Is there an important conversation about a current event you could be adding to? Focus on offering the most value that you can.

7. Leave Your Thoughts Behind on Other Blog Posts

Commenting on other blogs in your industry can be helpful. By starting a thoughtful discussion, members of similar communities in your industry can begin to remember you and can visit your site more frequently.

8. Try Getting Free PR

Help A Reporter Out is a website that allows businesses to connect with media queries. HARO could lead to PR on large sites and national magazines.

9. Create a Free Product to Offer on Your Website to Offer as an Opt-In for Your Email List

Give away an informational product to get people excited about being on your email list. Businesses with shorter email lists (under 2,000 people) can send emails for free.

10. Write Thank You Notes by Hand

A personal touch can make a much bigger impression than a digital one. Add a coupon to make the impact even higher, even if the contract has just ended.

Hopefully, these tips for in inexpensively advertising your business can give you a head start in the marketing world. Do you know about any other free or low-priced marketing tricks? What is your favorite way to get the word out there about your company?

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