YouTube Stories: Tips From Successful YouTubers

One industry that was not affected by the pandemic and instead benefited from it, is social media. Be it Twitter, Instagram or YouTube, all these platforms saw an exponential rise in users and also geared up to provide more content to the incoming users every single day. But it doesn’t stop at providing more videos. YouTube came up with a new feature, Youtube Stories, which not only helps in more engagement on YouTube but also ensures wider reach if used appropriately. 

If you are thinking of starting your own YouTube channel or relatively new to this social media streaming platform then this article might be useful. You can attain wider reach as YouTube allows you to post these stories for an entire week! So if your story is creative and eye-catching, then you might gain more subscribers too. Read on to know more about this feature and how some successful YouTubers are making the most out of it.

What are YouTube stories?

Back in November 2018, YouTube introduced a new feature, Youtube stories to accounts with more that 10,000 subscribers. That might come as a shocker as most content creators out there didn’t start using it until the pandemic hit. This feature has recently caught everyone’s attention and creators are now jumping on the bandwagon and creating interesting stories as they have realised that it’s a great way to create interesting content and get discovered without putting in long hours of editing and tons of money into production. 

These stories help you reach out to more people in a more consistent manner even when you don’t have time to create and upload normal YouTube videos. This not only increases the engagement but also helps you connect better to your viewers as they can see you everyday instead of once in a fortnight.

Last but not the least, these stories also have a subscribe button so the users who like your content can immediately subscribe to your channel without hassle of searching for your channel by navigating through the entire platform! 

Best YouTube story practices and tips 

YouTube stories are a great way to interact with your audience and share your content to a large demographic, many creators have used YouTube stories to increase their subscribers exponentially. If you want to repeat what they did then all you need to do is follow the tips mentioned below and keep posting consistently.

  • Best way to create and share stories

YouTube stories are 15 seconds video clips that are visible to the user for 7 whole days. Currently YouTube stories is a smartphone only feature which means you can make and view them in your smartphones only. 

If you want to promote your future video then all you need to do is create a 15 second teaser for your upcoming video and put it on YouTube stories. You can upload as many stories as you want but if you have multiple segments to upload then upload them one by one as currently YouTube doesn’t support multiple story uploads.

  • Create interactive stories

If you are looking for ways to have a wider reach and get more engagement on YouTube then stories are your best bet. All you need to do is create small clips that keep your audience engaged. You can ask them questions like what they want to see, what do they like/dislike in the last video or have their thoughts on the latest trends. 

YouTube has provided the user with tons of features like filters, stickers, etc that enhance the viewers experience and make your stories engaging as well as fun to watch.

How to use YouTube stories

There are several ways in which YouTube stories can be used to increase engagement, views and subscribers but the most popular ones are:

  • Teasing your upcoming project 

Creators use teasers and trailers to create hype for their upcoming projects and the viewers can have a glimpse of what their favourite YouTuber is planning next. 

  • Promoting giveaways and other events

Giveaways are a great way to increase your subscriber count and get more views on your videos and YouTube stories are a fast and easy way to promote events like these to your viewers.

  • Interact with your audience

Instagram stories provide you with a medium to have a friendly Q&A session with your audience. It helps in improving the channel’s engagement and portrays you as a caring and friendly person instead of a business organization working to empty their pockets.

  • Sharing a part of your life

Giving your audience little glimpses of your life creates a positive attitude towards you and your channel and YouTube stories is the perfect way to do that.  

While the feature is still new and YouTube might optimize it a bit more to suit the needs of both, creators and the audience, it’s still a great way to increase engagement and helps you interact with your viewers everyday just like other platforms, thus strengthening your bond with them and building a larger community. 

While the article only throws light on the basis of YouTube stories and some tips shared by top YouTubers, make sure you follow them and see the rise in numbers for yourself! If there’s any other tip or trick that you have discovered while using stories, feel free to share it with us in the comments!

Fabrizio VanMarcino

Fabrizio Van Marciano is a self-taught web designer, front-end web developer, and content creator. He is the founder of FVM.