Your Hat Guide for All Occasions in 2021

Hats are a dilemma, and especially when they come under the Men’s category. Whereas watches and shoes are available in various options, hats often do not quite make the fashionable mark. Hats come in multiple options, but selecting one can be a daunting task, considering it gives your outfit the boost it needs. 

As mentioned, hat shopping is difficult to indulge in, but once you get the hang of it, it is a style staple that you cannot miss. The beauty of a hat lies in its versatility; you have one for any event. Be it a beach day, a formal event, or a chilly winter evening; hats come to your rescue.

Below is a complete guide to western hat styles for men that you can use to get that perfect look. Find out how the ideal hat can enhance your style and not make you look like someone out of a period drama at the same time. 

Classic Panama 

Panama hats are lighter in weight, as well as color. The crown is high, while the hat sports a shorter brim. It originated from the region of Ecuador and was woven using toquilla palm leaves, giving sturdiness to the cap and making it highly breathable. You can sport a Panama as a spring and summer accessory, as it blends beautifully with the warm-weather vibe. The Panama hat is perfect for summer days. 

The Irish Country Hat 

The Irish Country hat, also called the bucket, has made another comeback. The Irish country hat can take your casual outfit a notch higher with its relaxed vibe. One of the most stylish accessories in headgear, you can wear it to tone down an outfit or enhance its look. But the key to wearing a bucket is in its brand. It depends on what brand you want to flaunt through your hat. The crown has a single panel, while its brim is on the shorter side. It is usually made up of cotton or Nylon and is available in paler nude tones. 

The pork pie hat 

Another well-deserved addition to a variety of men’s hats includes Pork pie hats. The name of the hat comes from the English pork pie. However, it is very similar to the fedora style; the hat sports a high and medium flat crown, with short brims that are slightly curved and creases from inside the top edge. The Pork pie hat goes exceptionally well for formal events, complementing your suit-tie combination. You can always pair it with some khaki pants, a formal shirt, a dark-colored blazer, and you are good to go! 

The Boonie

The Boonie refers to a classic version of a slouch hat. It is very similar to a bucket hat. Although its origin comes from military usage in warm tropical areas and desert regions, the cousin of the bucket hat has a few more excellent features than its counterpart. It’s the perfect headgear essential for men who lack space. The hat sports a single panel with attached webbing for extra function, while the brim is on the shorter side. Boonie hats are available in cotton or poplin and are mostly wind-resistant. 

Trilby Toque 

The trilby hat gives a retro look with its low angled brim. Often referred to as the most fashionable headgear in the men’s headgear category, it is among the coolest headgears. The hat sports an in-between of a high-medium crown and is available in rabbit felt or tweed material. You can wear it semi-formal as well as casual events.

The bowler hat 

Bowler hats or derby hats are exquisite in form, similar to the trilby. It is usually available in stiff felt and sports a shorter brim but has a rounded crown—the history of the hat gets linked with the bourgeoisie or the upper class. In recent times, the bowler hat is now seen as a humorous item but oozes old-fashioned charm. If you plan on donning this traditional bourgeoisie accessory, make sure you wear it with utmost confidence. A three-piece, along with a cane, will raise lots of attention to your Derby hat. The crown of the hat is medium, while the brim is rolled and short. The material used for derby hats is woolen felt. 

Last but not least, the fedora 

The world of business encouraged the suit and fedora combination at one point in time. But, luckily, fedora hats now have a broader appeal through the years. The fedora hats sport a high intended crown but have a crease pinched along the line at the front and back. The brim is short, while its versatility reaches lengths. 

You can wear hats if you know how to blend them with your outfit.The key to wearing any hat is to wear it with confidence, and you would be sure to raise eyebrows, any direction you go. Then you will not look out of place but rather appear super stylish.

Heron Nelson

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