Why Your Business Needs Great Toilets

As painful as it may sound, your customers are going to judge you based on your toilets – period. They will walk right in, have a look around, and decide if the service your business offers is worth buying. That is the bottom line of how important it is to have great toilets in your business. So the next time when the suggestion to invest in your business toilets comes up, don’t give no for an answer.

Scroll down and view what other reasons justify a great toilet system in your business.

Reflects on your business brand image

Unless it is a restaurant or hotel, most businesses do not consider the importance of investing in toilets. That is why, if you do consider maintaining a good toilet system, it shows the extent to which your business is willing to go for its customers. The comfort and convenience you offer would satisfy them just as much as your product itself. They will feel valued, and confident about your business in such a way that your overall brand image will be enhanced.

Reflects on your business standards

Just like the plushness of your business showroom matters in determining the standard of your business, the plushness of the toilets matter too. Modern, tech-savvy toilets are a welcoming sign that will not only boost customer satisfaction, but also indirectly add value to the product you offer. At a time when value creation is of utmost importance, consider upgrading your business restrooms as your next investment plan and grab the opportunity to highlight your business standards. For best results, follow a commercial bathroom remodel guide from experts in the field.

Assists in Social Media Marketing

We live in an era where everything is photographed. People care more about taking pictures and sharing on social media than actually enjoying what they do. Getting the best toilets, along with the best décor will urge customers to get on the bathroom-selfie bandwagon. What’s more, they might even caption the selfie with your brand name and indirectly contribute to promote your product on social media.

Assists in Word of Mouth Marketing

Unhygienic/rundown toilets will not only horrify your customers, but also urge them to share their experience with others. Some would even go to the extent of posting reviews on social media to the whole world to see. Similarly, good toilets will earn you recommendations. Customers would spread the word faster and more efficiently than any marketing campaign you could come up with. I personally have had recommendations for hotels solely because of the toilets.

Generates More Sales

Washrooms with comfortably modern and unique decos will tempt customers to linger, fix their clothes, redo their makeup and most importantly, order another round of drinks or buy another product for their nieces and nephews. In short, great toilets generate more sales.

Boosts Productivity

Even the toilets allocated for your employees should be in great condition for them to stay healthy, focused and motivated. Poorly maintained toilets will put your employees in a foul mood, leaving them dissatisfied and less productive. Some may even consider resigning, and you’d lose valuable employees from your business.

Builds your employer brand

Building a strong employer brand is a long-term investment that would help you in both attracting and retaining talented employees. When your toilets are well-built and well-maintained, it will increase the confidence employees have in you as it reflects your attempts in creating a convenient working environment. According to a survey conducted by the US Bradley Corporation, about 89 percent of Americans regard toilets as a fundamental determinant of the quality of an organization.

Avoid Lawsuits

Poorly maintained toilet facilities invite lawsuits, with injuries to customers and damages to the goodwill of your business. In 2016, a woman sued McDonald’s after a toilet paper dispenser came loose and damaged her eye. McDonald’s didn’t suffer a major setback in sales, but if yours is a hotel/restaurant or a startup, then this definitely is not something you would want to go through.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.