Why You Should Hire A Federal Appeals Attorney

The reputation of any company is important for business. As such, it is risky to lose cases filed against the company (if any), such as product liability claims, for instance. If unsatisfied clients win a case against you, or if they appeal against a decision where they lost, you need to have a sound legal back-up plan to defend your company. 

Legal attorneys that help companies with law suits, and who help uphold the company’s best interests, may not be well-suited to the appeals process. In such times, it is best to hire an experienced federal appeals attorney.

Here are a few reasons why a federal appeals attorney is required.


  • They are well-versed with the appellate process


Not all trial attorneys take on appeals. And even when they do, it is possible that they do not have as much experience with the appellate process as a federal appeals attorney does. This experience will be of great importance and help to your company and in most likeliness, turn the new case in your favor.


  • They undertake in-depth research


Appellate lawyers conduct detailed research, not just of your case but of other similar cases in the past and also from different jurisdictions. This gives them a broad approach to work with, and create a strong case when standing in front of the judge. Also, many appeal attorneys may be familiar with cases like that of your company, from their prior work experience. This gives them better ground to fight on your behalf. 


  • They look at your case in a new light


Trial attorneys that fight the whole case for you may be looking at it from a certain angle. They are also often convinced of their opinions and decision for the case. This could cause blind spots and result in everyone missing certain things. Federal appeals attorneys will see the case from a new perspective, and possibly even come across something unnoticed. They may also see any errors in the trial that may have allowed the case to be appealed in the first place.


  • They know how judges assess things


Appellate attorneys do not witness your case first hand but study it by reading the briefs written by prior attorneys or bench memos. Appeals attorneys are more adept at gauging what judges want to hear and what they will base their decisions on. Experienced appeal attorneys will be familiar with what they must avoid so as to keep from getting on the bad side of the judge, who will not wish to set any bad precedents.


  • Your trial attorney may not be specialized in handling appeals


Majority of the attorneys usually specialize in trials or in appeals. So, after you have used the services of a trial lawyer, you may need separate services from an appeals lawyer to work on the second part of your case. By hiring someone who is specialized in appeals, you have a better chance of winning the case for your company.

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