Why Should You Get a VPN For Your Mac

Most people invest in Apple products, such as Mac, for their wide range of features. Some users also believe Mac devices are entirely safe from all security threats. Yes, indeed, a Mac is immune to malware and other programs that compromise the device’s security. 

But the data of Mac devices are safe as long as they remain inside. What happens when the data goes out of your device to a network on the Internet? This is precisely where a premium or free Mac VPN service can be of great help. 

With the help of a virtual private network (VPN), you can browse the Internet or download files online without any security concerns. It encrypts outgoing and incoming data, providing anonymity and the confidentiality of your activities on the Internet. As a result, the network remains safe from the prying eyes of your internet service provider (ISP) and cybercriminals.

What Is VPN?

A virtual private network (VPN) is a secure network that provides users with online anonymity and privacy on a private network. It turns a public network into a private network. The devices on the network behave as if they are directly connected to the latter. 

Today, most frontline operating systems come across with VPN support in the form of a client. These include Windows, Android, and iOS.

5 Reasons Why You Should Get VPN For Your Mac

A VPN unlocks the potential of users on several fronts. Whether it is about accessing restricted content in a specific location or gambling online without revealing your identity, a VPN unlocks the potential of internet users on several fronts.

  • Stay Safe On Public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi networks let you access the Internet in airport terminals, cafes, and many other places. However, accessing the Internet on a public Wi-Fi network may not be safe. It is undoubtedly not as secure as your home Wi-Fi network in terms of speed and security.

In public settings, cybercriminals and hackers get the best opportunity to explore security vulnerabilities. They try to snoop on the data or get into the devices of users connected to public networks.

A secure Mac VPN protects the privacy and anonymity of passwords and other sensitive information on public Wi-Fi networks. The anonymity and encryption due to these attributes help keep the data private and confidential. Also, it prevents the possibility of cyberattacks.

  • Access Geo-blocked Content

Streaming service providers like Netflix and others have licensing agreements. Thus, they make their content available only in selected locations. If you are in a different location, you may not view the programs or get the streaming service that you usually enjoy at your home.

No worries, though, as you can enjoy your favorite content even outside of your home location on Netflix and other platforms through a VPN. To begin with, it adds the feature of encryption to your network, which allows you to sidestep the restrictions of the streaming for certain locations.

A streaming VPN has a different arrangement for sending and receiving data. It securely routes the data from your device to a secure remote server. This way, it helps in masking or hiding your device’s actual IP address. Instead of the latter, it reveals an IP address of a region that a streaming service provider approves. 

Thus, with a streaming VPN, you can easily bypass all the geo-restrictions to get a seamless streaming experience without lag.

  • Eliminate Targeted Ads

VPNs can prevent the installation of trackers from third-party ad domains. The blockade of trackers prevents third-party ad domains from collecting user data. This way, VPNs help eliminate targeted advertisements.

  • Shop Online Securely

Most people have turned to online shopping to shop for their preferred items. While it ensures convenience, it also necessitates buyers to share their credit card or banking data on online shopping sites.

No doubt, banking service providers make sophisticated arrangements on their ends to prevent the revelation of confidential payment information. But you can take an additional step to secure your credit card details or banking information by subscribing to a VPN service. It will add a high level of encryption to secure data even on sites with the HTTPS protocol.

  • Get Better Deals Online

When you buy flight tickets or insurance on a service provider’s website, they capture specific details. These include the IP address of your device and cookie data. A provider uses these details to set the price for flight tickets or insurance packages.

Location plays a vital role in making a difference in price-related aspects. With a VPN, you can hide your actual location and change location via multiple VPN servers. This way, you can grab better deals on flight tickets and insurance deals online.


To sum up, a VPN empowers you to do more with your Mac computer by providing it with anonymity and encryption. The idea of using a premium VPN service is better than using the free version as it will provide you with additional features. Now that you know how a Mac VPN service can benefit you, consider trying it out on your own and experience it yourself.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.