Why Pursue a DNP Degree?

The necessity of nurses with advanced degrees and training is vital in the current healthcare sector, and the demand exceeds supply by a wide margin. Due to this reason, the nursing career is a lucrative option as it comes with job security. As the aging population is growing on global grounds, the need for nursing employment opportunities along with revolutionary growth is evident. Professionals with a Doctor Nursing Practice (DNP) degree have a powerful position of advancing their careers. 

Benefits of DNP Degrees

There are several benefits of earning a DNP through BSN route. The education curriculum is built on practical grounds like patient need projections along with recommendations by seniors who go through continued professional development programs. Furthermore, a DNP degree comes with benefits aligned with professional life which otherwise are impossible to obtain with an undergraduate degree only. 

Career Growth

The projections of the healthcare industry regarding DNP graduates give a clear indication that they step on the ladder of career growth faster than candidates with other degrees. As the healthcare industry prizes DNP graduates, it also indicates that the degree holder has polished skills with which they can provide best healthcare and improve the outcomes of a patients’ health. The great news is that you can also manage your recertification in life-saving skills like BLS online, adding to your overall qualifications.

Broad Career Options

DNP is a terminal degree; therefore, it provides students with learning in health care from the top-down clinical perspective. This opens a wide range of career options for DNP graduates. These career opportunities range from top level executive positions in administration which comes with the job responsibility of monitoring the entire clinic. Such working opportunities carve unique paths for graduates in respect with improving patients’ health outcomes which may carry a significant impact on the future of health care. 

Top Salaries Offered

DNP graduates earn salaries similar to those professionals who work in a white collar job. Therefore, as DNP graduates enjoy top powerful executive positions with broad responsibilities, they are paid high salaries. For instance, the average salary of a psychiatric nurse is around $97,500 as mentioned in Payscale.com and other websites show an average salary of $88,500 for a family practitioner nurse. 

Powering the Next Generation

By earning a DNP graduate, professionals achieve top-tier positions of the healthcare industry in the fields of administration, management, and academia and so on. DNP degree holders are equipped with a solid skills set. DNP graduates mold the next generation of nurses by their skill set, training and educational perspective in this ever changing health care industry across the globe. As they carry a significant impact on new incoming nurse professionals, they create substantial differences in the future of health care which gives them immense job satisfaction.  

Working in Specific Health Care Sectors

The DNP degree focuses on areas like women’s health, pediatrics, adult gerontology and similar areas. Students can dive into any specific sector of health care. This helps in sharpening and honing skills set which is crucial to excel in specialized fields. Eventually, a nurse with a DNP degree can pursue a professional path which may interest them the most. 

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