Why people stop following brands on Instagram and how to keep yours from unfollowing you

Are you losing Instagram followers? Are you literally going crazy to grow your Instagram account, spending hours (days, weeks, and months) working on it, but nothing seems to unlock? Want to know how to fix Instagram follower loss?

You will undoubtedly have read dozens of articles that advise you to post at the right time, use particular hashtags, etc. And yes, you are doing all this, but your Instagram followers are not increasing, or perhaps even decreasing. There is an option to buy followers for Instagram, so if you want to know how to keep your followers intact, then you must know why people stop following the brands. Read on!


Vulgar or racist content

The first factor that can lead to a drop in followers on Instagram is that posts that contain vulgar or racist content. This type of content can cause temporary or permanent blocking of your personal account. Instagram users don’t appreciate such content. In fact, Instagram, like other social networks, prohibits the posts of hot photos or videos and discriminatory content. For this reason, it is appropriate to understand what content may affect the sensitivity of other users to avoid the drop in followers and the consequent blocking of the profile on Instagram.


Repetitive posts – Causes Instagram follower loss

Publishing too often can be useful for some, but for most users, it can be bad. If you scroll through your home and find ten photos of the same person, well, unless you are talking about tropical beaches or breathtaking models, it takes a second to irritate the user. We always recommend a quality versus the quantity approach, so make sure you always offer excellent content to your audience. Some are better off with two posts per day at different times, others with an average of 5 posts per week. Test your profile and see when you get more results, but don’t go overboard.


Content that is not very engaging

In addition to vulgar or racist content, the loss of followers on Instagram can also be caused by the posts of uninvolving photos or videos.

Involvement is a privilege of this platform as it is necessary:


– Publish personalized content

– Share original content

– Enter detailed descriptions

– Leverage all the potential of Instagram Stories


Through these small tricks, it is possible to keep the interest of your followers high and avoid the resulting collapse of the followers.


Publishing low-quality images 


Publishing low-quality images are the fastest way to lose your audience. Is that photo too dark? Out of focus? Doesn’t it represent you or what you want to advertise? Even if that photo is very important for you if it is not high quality, you have to choose another one. If you use Instagram for professional reasons, with a purpose, you will need to keep your images in high quality. 

There are many excellent editing tools at your disposal to keep your images at the top. See mobile apps like Snapseed or Vsco, or more professional software like LightRoom or Photoshop. Take good photos that should be perfect both from the resolution point of view and on the level of ideas, framing, subjects, etc.


Banned follower


Often the drop in followers on Instagram is also affected by the number of users banned from the same platform. Most users often underestimate this factor, but it is certainly one of the main reasons why there can be a reduction in the number of followers on this social network. Banned users, except in exceptional cases, will no longer be able to log in to the platform, and for these reasons, they will have to register with a new account.

This means that the user will no longer be your follower until he decides to follow you with his new profile.


Account canceled or disabled


A user can also decide to unfollow from the platform or to disable their account for a temporary period. In both circumstances, there will be a decrease in the number of followers, which will not affect the continuation of your branding on Instagram. Therefore, it is appropriate to understand the origin of the collapse of the followers to find alternative solutions.


Follow / Unfollow Technique


Unfortunately, the loss of followers on Instagram is also conditioned by some disrespectful attitudes on the part of some influencers. In fact, many users implement the so-called follow/unfollow technique that allows you to increase your followers in a short time.

For the uninitiated, with this “strategy,” a user adds, without any logical criteria, a considerable number of users hoping to be reciprocated.


After reaching its objectives, the user will delete all those he has added in order to “increase” the relationship between followers and followed users. This relationship is not very indicative since there are numerous tricks to increase it, but for many users, it is the symbol of influencer marketing. So we advise you to doubt those who use this strategy to become digital influencers and to focus on all those followers ready to cultivate truthful relationships.



Incorrect calculation by Instagram


An incorrect calculation can also determine the drop in Instagram followers by the social network itself. In fact, sometimes, it happens that Instagram registers a loss of followers, but in reality, it is a counting error that will be resolved in a short time.

For this reason, it is necessary to wait a few hours before proceeding to analyze your personal profile and understand the reasons that led to the loss of followers on Instagram.




The reasons that characterize the loss of followers on Instagram can be divided into two main categories:

– Reasons independent of the use of the platform.

– Dependent reasons for using the platform.


The first category is conditioned by all those factors concerning the attitude of other users, such as account cancellation, or by temporary account banned that are determined by the social network itself. Instead, the factors dependent on the use of the platform are conditioned by the sharing of content that is not in line with Instagram standards, i.e., photos and videos that are not very engaging. In both cases, it is necessary to analyze the factors that led to the loss of followers. Also, understand how to stem this problem, especially if the causes depended on improper use of the social network.

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