Why online reviews are also crucial for call centers

While the need to build a solid brand online is rather obvious today for most businesses, it may be quite subjective what exactly to focus on when building an online presence. As a result, it may happen that some areas get overlooked.

It’s great to keep in mind that one of the key components of a company’s online presence is how they’re rated. Sometimes, reviews are the first thing that people check out when googling a business before they even see the website or the social media profile, and the rating might become the very first (and the only) factor taken under consideration. 

The importance of online reviews is often associated with local businesses, such as restaurants, cafés, beauty salons or car services – but they’re relevant in the call center industry as well. In this article, you’ll find out why it matters how your call center is rated online.

Convince customers through opinions

A stunning 99% of consumers check online reviews and are heavily influenced by them before making a purchase. Positive ratings also make your business more trustworthy according to 72% of consumers. After reading them, the conversion rate for web page visitors can be 58% higher. Of course these metrics may be influenced by how people interact with local businesses, but it can be equally true for businesses operating on a wider scale.

According to VCC Live’s research, 48% of consumers switch brands for better customer service, having reviews that endorse your efforts in the customer service area can contribute to keeping your existing client base and attracting new people at the same time.

Show off your outstanding CX

There are many platforms where people can leave reviews online – some of them are completely anonymous. This means that customers can voice their dissatisfaction without filtering themselves when they feel they were not treated well by a business. 

Therefore, genuine positive reviews on a call center can be invaluable – when you focus on treating your customers well and you have the reviews to showcase your dedication to CX, you’re setting yourself up for future success. Your potential clients may choose you over a competitor because your customer service has better ratings. 

Learn from customer feedback

Sometimes, negative reviews can also be helpful for your business. Perhaps they point out an area that has been neglected in the past, and due to customer feedback, your business now pays special attention to it. When people give constructive criticism on your customer service, they give you a chance to improve so you can better serve them in the future. 

When you receive a negative review, ignoring it is probably not the best idea. Address them in a positive way so the situation doesn’t escalate into a bigger problem – plus, you can further build your online reputation.

Improve sales

Interestingly, how the business is reviewed may also influence outbound campaigns. Many call centers run telesales campaigns where agents call people to sell products or services. It’s always a challenge to phone a stranger and convince them to buy something. However, for businesses with solid online ratings and plenty of good reviews, even cold calling can be easier, and more people may be willing to give you a chance.

Of course, it works the other way around too – selling will certainly be much more difficult if your company is known on the Internet for annoying calls made too often and without a specific strategy. When positive or even neutral reviews prevail, the chance of succeeding in the tough cold calling area is a lot more likely.

Get more positive reviews

There are various ways you can delight your customers as a call center (and get lots of positive reviews as a result). Providing swift replies, focusing on first contact resolution or empowering people with IVR-based self-service options are just a few examples of how you can build your reputation as a customer-focused brand. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.