Why Great Product Photos Are Important

Few things can capture someone’s attention like a great photo, especially if they are scrolling through an article or product page online. Oftentimes, people can get bored when reading through product description after product description when deciding what they should buy. A professional, high-quality photo can convey exactly what a product is in a much quicker way than standard text can. 

It’s no secret that consumers have shorter attention spans than they used to. Having excellent photos of your products can help to keep users on your page who may otherwise be turned away by plain, uninspiring descriptive paragraphs. Well-made pictures can also help to distinguish your company from others, as you can use photos to help showcase your brand identity and uniqueness. 

Brand Credibility

Consumers want to know whether they can trust the companies they shop from. They are constantly bombarded with low-quality, mass-produced products when shopping online. Since a lot of these products are similar, they often share near-identical stock images and poor-resolution pictures. If your images have similar characteristics to these types of photos, there is a higher likelihood that potential customers will click off of your page to look for higher-quality alternatives. 

Equally important to having high-quality photos accompanying your products is making sure that the product descriptions accurately describe what is being shown. Demonstrating honesty in both what you do and say is important in making customers believe in your company. Customers who trust a company are much more likely to come back for repeat business.

Increased Sales

With greater brand credibility comes more sales, as people are willing to purchase products that they believe will genuinely help them and support a business that they like. Having superior product pictures that help your brand leverage this can lead to huge returns. Product pictures help people visualize themselves with the products that they are looking at. It can be much easier for consumers to rationalize a purchase when they can actively imagine themselves using it. 

Share Your Story

Pictures can be used as a creative outlet to show the public what makes your brand unique. Take each one as a chance to introduce your company to someone who is seeing it for the first time or as an opportunity to attract someone who has been on the fence. A series of photos can tell a whole story. 

Excellent photos can also help educate consumers. Crisp, clear, and creative pictures lead to a decrease in product returns and a lower frequency of commonly asked questions that can clog support channels. Taking the time to create high-quality content can save you time and money in the long term. 

Standing Out

The careful application of well-placed product pictures can firmly implant your brand into the minds of consumers as one that cares and takes pride in what they do. 
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Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.