Why Do Businessmen Choose iOS Rather Than Android?

Today, it is hard to find more competitive operational systems than Android and iOS. Compared to these two, others seem to be fading away. 

For years, these two operating systems were battling each other for the title of the most popular OS, and it seems like this competition isn’t over yet. Some consumers prefer Android-based gadgets, while others are fans of Apple devices. This makes it hard to tell for sure which one is the most popular. However, if we look at some successful individuals, a real trend on iPhones is observable. 

We bet that if you have scrolled through the social media of famous entrepreneurs, CEOs, and other successful people, you most likely have seen most of them using an iPhone. Why so?

In this article, we are going to dig deeper to find out why most people engaged in business choose iPhones over Android gadgets.

Android vs. iOS: General Comparison

Today, mobile devices are no longer only means of communication. Now, we use them to perform a whole bunch of everyday tasks. Nowadays, most entities, be it an indie game development production or a credible essay help service, provide versions for both platforms. Still, it is essential to know for sure which operating system is right for you.

Indeed, both Android and iOS are used worldwide and known to be the most reliable and convenient ones. They do have lots in common, but what makes them different? Let’s find out!


In terms of designs, Android offers a much more extensive range of choices. While iOS is only used on iPhones, there are thousands of models created by different manufacturers that run on Android. 

Although Apple doesn’t offer too many design options, their style is widely recognizable and, in general, smoother than most Android models.

Physical Sensations

Comparing iOS and Android devices, it is fair to say that both feel pretty nice to use. However, most people believe that Apple devices are always one step above in terms of overall quality and durability. Compared to cheaper Android gadgets, iPhones are made of high-quality materials and, thus, tend to be stronger and more dependable.


Speaking of the cost, everyone knows that Apple’s gadgets are expensive. The price tag of the newest iPhone model exceeds the cost of an average Android several times.

Besides, the range of prices for Android devices is pretty extensive, which allows users with different levels of income to find something that suits their needs.

However, it is worth noting that flagship models of famous Android brands like Samsung are also expensive.

Durability and Battery Life

It is hard to compare Android and iOS devices in terms of durability and battery life. While there is only a small number of available iOS models, there are many different options that run on Android.

For example, more affordable ones may be less durable and have a smaller battery capacity even compared to an older iPhone model. At the same time, the wide range of Android-based devices allows users to pick an item with a more long-lasting battery that will likely outdo iOS devices. 

One thing to keep in mind is that there are quite a few durable options that run on both of these operating systems. Thus, when picking the right device by these two parameters, it is essential to consider each model’s unique specifics.


Apple’s unique operating system is known for its stability, security, and excellent all-round performance. Comparing iOS and Android devices, the last ones in general work slower, depend on the weather, and show worse overall performance.


Currently, iOS is still an undoubted winner in terms of the range of available applications and their quality – just like Setapp. However, with plenty of new apps appearing in the Play Market every day, it looks like Android is about to level the score.

Hopefully, our general overview will help you to get a better idea of which of these two operating systems is more suitable. However, it is essential to highlight that the real bottom-line decision between these platforms most often comes down to users’ personal preferences.

What are you looking for in a smartphone? What tasks would you like to perform? These and other questions should help in making up your mind and finally deciding between the two. Also, it is always a good idea to try different options to see how each feels.

Why Is iOS a More Popular Choice for Businessmen?

While regular users often prefer Android, 7 of 10 CEOs and entrepreneurs would pick iOS

After the general comparison of these two systems, we can see that both offer pretty stable performance and lots of other benefits. Then why do successful people prefer iOS? There are quite a few reasons for that!

Simplicity of Use

It is fair to say that Android is much more customizable than iOS. However, does this fact make iOS worse? Actually, it doesn’t.

Productive people, who want to achieve better results and perform multiple tasks with their smartphones, are not likely to waste their time on modifying and customizing anything. Instead, they are looking for better user experience and ease of use. That’s where iOS is an undeniable winner!

When you buy an iOS device, you will never have to worry about troubleshooting or customizing it. All necessary updates are delivered to you just at the right time, while the user experience is smooth and straightforward.

It Will Not Let You Down

We hear lots of complaints from Android users about their devices being irresponsive, but this doesn’t usually happen if you own an iPhone. Apple gives an implicit guarantee that its devices will not let a user down.

Compared to Android gadgets with high-end hardware specifications, iOS performs better even with low specs, which is excellent if you are seeking higher productivity.

Users can fill all the storage space on their iOS devices, and it will still perform well. This is another reason why many individuals choose it.

New But Familiar Interface

Here is another benefit – you will never have to waste lots of time to get used to a newer model of an iPhone. Apple always sticks to its style. Yes, they add new features in more advanced models. But the basics are always the same old interface you are used to. It is great for busy people, who don’t have enough time for discovering how a new smartphone works.


Another significant advantage of iOS over Android is security. Apple has implemented lots of advanced security features in their devices. Those are two-factor authentication, a more accurate facial recognition, sandboxing, and much more!

Thanks to the advanced security features, iPhones are less likely to put your private data in danger. According to the study, more than 90% of mobile malware is targeted on Android users, which is another reason why iPhones are much safer.

When it comes to the security of an app store, iPhones also outperform Android devices. The App Store is known for being very careful with the applications they offer. The company reviews each submitted app to make sure it’s safe for users.

Thus, we can say that iPhones are less susceptible to viruses carried through mobile applications.


Many productive people value multitasking when it comes to gadgets, and Apple knows that. Thus, iPhones never freeze while downloading several files or running multiple tools, which is a great benefit.

Exclusive Features

Many brands strive to create some unique features that would make their devices stand out, and Apple does a pretty good job there. The company provides lots of advancements exclusively to iPhone users. We have to admit that most of these features are great for businesses.

For example, Apple’s unique video calling app FaceTime allows creating conferences on the go. Also, it is hard to undervalue the convenience of Apple Pay that enables iPhone owners to purchase goods quicker and easier, thus, saving time. And there many other great features!

Wide Selection of Apps for Business

The App Store boasts of a wide selection of 1.5 million applications. Moreover, every submitted app goes through many tests that check its safety, reliability, and performance before it appears in the App Store.

Of course, Android also hosts a vast number of applications. However, there is one significant benefit that makes iOS better for businesses – a separate section of apps dedicated to such activities. Thus, every entrepreneur should be able to find the needed tools to satisfy his business needs.

Some of the most popular iPhone business apps can help entrepreneurs become more productive, manage their time, schedule wisely, and, in general, run their businesses smarter than ever.

Smart Synchronization

One of the most significant benefits of Apple gadgets is that they are all tied up to one another if you are using the same Apple ID. This makes storing and synchronizing your files quite convenient, which is essential for entrepreneurs.

Let’s say that you have to create a document on the go. With an iPhone doing this is quite simple. Users can create resumes, reports, charts, and even visual presentations with the help of Apple’s set of native apps in their gadgets. Most importantly, once the needed file is created, you will have access to it from other devices, for example, your iPad or Mac. 

Feeling and Appearance

While choosing a smartphone, people look at several different factors, and a phone’s design can play a vital role in making a decision.

Of course, a good smartphone should be reliable, durable, and show stable performance, but how it looks and feels in hand is also important. In these terms, most iPhones outdo the rest of the smartphones. They always come in a smooth and stylish design that is later copied by other brands.


The last but not the least important reason why an iPhone is a popular choice of successful people is prestige that it presupposes. 

Apple devices are known to come with a pretty high price tag, which makes them less affordable for a regular user. The cost of Android smartphones starts from as low as $200, which is why many people prefer to stick to them. 

Thus, it is generally considered that an individual who owns an iPhone has a higher status, and that’s one more reason why successful people choose them.

Final Words

The reasons mentioned above prove that iOS can actually be a wise choice for entrepreneurs. iPhones are great in terms of productivity, intuitive in use, and offer plenty of exclusive features that can be beneficial for one’s business.

iOS devices are handy when it comes to multitasking. Thanks to the stable performance, they allow users to perform a few operations simultaneously and do lots of downloads at the same time. The same activities seem to be slowing down most of the Android devices. Besides, Apple is the brand known for its safety.

Finally, we shouldn’t forget that Apple gadgets have long been indicators of success and prestige. Quite many media and business personalities pick iOS over Android to highlight their status, which is especially crucial for people in a position of power.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.