Why Companies Need to Find a Perfect Audience

There will be more than 250 million social media users in the United States by 2023. This fact alone demonstrates the sincerity of the value of social media on not only individuals but also for companies. Today, social media allows people from every corner of the world to discover what’s happening in real-time, connect across long distances, and access endless amounts of information. 

In order to stay relevant, it is vital for small companies and big businesses alike to utilize social media platforms. Creating a strong, engaging platform that not only encourages users to become loyal fans but also to become loyal customers. Companies need to learn who their audience base is by collecting and examining demographic data. Learning the age of your audience, their marital status, their annual salary, their gender are all valuable pieces of information to know when creating content you want to have a positive reaction.

Another tactic is to use the appropriate voice across platforms. For channels that are more serious, such as LinkedIn, a professional tone of voice is suggested. For more casual platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, an informal tone is commonplace. 

Read in the infographic below to learn more about the influence of social media and how to find a perfect audience.

Finding A Perfect Audience
Source: Bang Productions

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.