Why Choose an Online Lash Extension Course vs. In-Person

In recent years, completing a professional eyelash extension training online has become increasingly popular. In a modern, fast-paced environment, more people are looking for flexible and convenient options to learn this in-demand beauty skill. As a result, reputable beauty trainers are moving their education offerings online that teach the art of eyelash extensions to both beginners and experienced technicians.

Advantages of Online Eyelash Training

Eyelash extension training on an online platform offers many advantages over traditional in-person training including flexibility, affordability, and rewatchability. Learn more below:


Online trainings are simply more flexible and can be completed at your own pace, without having to travel to a physical location. This means you can fit your training around your existing work or family commitments, making it a great option for those who are looking to upskill while working or studying.


Online courses are often more affordable than in-person training. This is because the costs associated with renting a training space, purchasing materials, and paying for an instructor’s time are significantly reduced. As a result, online courses can be priced more competitively, making it accessible for more people.

Prolonged Access to Training Materials

One of the key advantages of online lash extension training is that it provides students with constant access to high-quality training materials and resources. Many online courses offer video tutorials, step-by-step guides, and other learning materials that can be accessed at any time. This means that students can revisit the training materials as often as they need to, which is especially useful when it comes to learning practical skills.

Many courses will also offer real-time support and feedback from trainers, allowing students to ask questions and receive guidance as they practice and perfect their technique.

What to Expect From an Online Lash Extension Course

Online eyelash extension trainings typically include both theoretical and practical components. Theory covers topics such as:

  • eye anatomy
  • health and safety
  • different lash types
  • application process

The practical component will typically involve hands-on practice with a mannequin head or model under the guidance of a trainer. Even though you aren’t participating in a hands-on learning event when you opt for online training, you still need to actually practice what you’re learning. Online courses will typically supply you with the needed materials that allow you to practice your skills in the comfort of your home while following self-paced online training. 

Get Trained No Matter What

At the end of the day, being trained in eyelash extensions is an invaluable skill for a beauty professional. No matter if you choose in-person or online, you will see great rewards from choosing to expand your skills. There are many job opportunities for those who complete professional eyelash extension training online. Eyelash extensions are a highly sought-after beauty service, and there is a growing demand for qualified technicians who can provide high-quality lash extensions to clients.

Make the choice that works best for you, but online training does offer you convenience and flexibility. For those looking to upskill and expand their beauty service offerings, online eyelash extension training from a reputable source is definitely worth considering.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.