Why Axba is the Investment Platform of Choice for 2023

The world of investing has been dominated by traditional options such as stocks, bonds, and some real estate for decades. However, in recent years, alternative investments have become more popular. Axba is a modern hedge fund that offers investors access to 10+ exotic alternative assets in a single fund. Axba’s portfolio is globally diversified and includes million-dollar works of art, high-yield real estate, trailblazing startups like SpaceX, agricultural economy, equipment financing, media royalties, wine, and more.

It was founded in 2020 by Alexander Cavendish (co-founder & CEO) and Suman Bannerjee (co-founder & CIO). They are a team of 16 investors, lawyers, economists, researchers, engineers, and marketers. Axba’s securities are SEC qualified, which is the highest authority in the US for investing and protecting investor’s funds.

The company offers a unique investment platform for investors who seek diversity in their portfolio. Historically, these types of investment options were reserved for high-net-worth individuals who were able to invest high sums of money. However, Axba is open to everyone and has created smaller entry points to allow anyone who meets minimum requirements access to these alternative investment opportunities.

Axba’s portfolio aims to provide investors with returns uncorrelated to financial markets, and their portfolio is well diversified across asset classes, geographies, and risk profiles to provide security and peace of mind during turbulent market climates. According to Axba, investors can expect a net return of 55.2% IRR. There is always a risk with investments, and Axba is transparent with its risks on management, including currency risk, regulatory, macroeconomic, and emerging market risks.

Investors can invest and redeem any time they want, as Axba has no lock-in period or exit fee. The first investment with Axba has a minimum of $5000, and there is no minimum for additional investments. However, as of January 1, 2023, the minimum will increase to $10,000. Once an investor invests, they will be allocated blocks that are similar to shares in companies, and their blocks/investments increase value along with the value of underlying assets. Investors will receive an email with portfolio reports and investment updates every other week. All dividends are then reinvested into Axba’s portfolio. Axba charges a 1% annual management fee on the portfolio value and a 10% performance fee on the gross profits generated from capital gains and dividends at the end of the year. The performance fee is charged on a high-watermark basis, meaning the highest level of value reached, so investors do not pay fees twice for the same amount of gains.

The company takes the guesswork out of investing. Investors can reap the benefits of the diversified fund with an IRR of over 50% without having to do the background research and keep up with trends on individual investments. The current $5000 initial investment may be steep for some, but with the added benefits of high yields, a skilled team, SEC-registered, diversified investments, and performance fees on a high-water mark basis, Axba offers a strong option for alternative investing.

In conclusion, Axba is a modern hedge fund that offers a unique investment platform for investors looking for diversification. Axba’s portfolio is globally diversified, SEC-registered, and uncorrelated to financial markets, offering investors the opportunity to invest in alternative assets.

Brett Sartorial

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