Why Auto-Flowering Seeds are So Great for a Small Business Concept

If you’re thinking about growing your own marijuana, you should consider trying to find some auto-flowering seeds for cheap. This is a weed growers best friend, particularly if you’re just starting out.

Auto-flowering means that when your plants get to a certain age, they’ll begin flowering. No matter what kind of conditions you’re keeping them in, so long as they’re not read, they’ll be flowering. As you can imagine, this kind of seed is going to be great for people who might not be able to recreate the perfect conditions for growing. 

So if you want to grow you’re own, auto-flowering seeds can be the perfect place to start, here’s why… 


Let’s be honest here, some people like to say that patience is a virtue, but at the end of the day, you want to blaze it up! 

You don’t want to have to take on a full responsibly just to get high. Planting with a regular seed is going to take a lot of time. And you can never know for sure when the flowering is really going to start. 

However, when you use auto-flowering seeds, the amount of time it takes to go from seed to plant is going to be cut, and you can spend less time growing, more time smoking. 


Another reason why you should be using auto-flowering seeds rather than regular seeds is that the plants which they’re going to produce are more discreet. I’m sure that whatever room you use for growing cannabis is also going to be used for other things too, and you don’t want to occupy all the room. Which you why you want a plant that isn’t going to get it’s leaves everywhere and will instead just keep to the shape and size that it was intended to. 

If it’s discretion you’re after, auto-flowering seeds will have you covered. 


Growing cannabis might not be too good for the environment. Turning on those incredibly hot lights for up to 16 hours a day can do some severe damage in terms of carbon emissions for the planet. Which is why auto-flowering is better. 

Since these ones won’t require so much lighting, you’ll be able to cut back on the amount you’re using. Not only will this help to save the planet, but it will also help to save on your electricity bill. 

Less light means less money on lighting. 


And finally, they’re resilient. 

Plants, particularly plants cultivated by humans, have this habit of needing particular conditions to be able to survive. If just one tiny thing is out of balance, they’ll die. 

And keeping on top of this can be a right hassle. However, when you’re using an auto-flowering seed, you won’t need to worry about all of that. You will still need to do the bare minimum to keep it alive, but so long as you keep it alive, the plant will do all of the hard work for you. 

Down Sides

Despite how great auto-flowering seeds are, there are some downsides that I feel the need to cover. 

  • They will produce lower yields, not ideal if you plan on selling it. 
  • Any clones of this plant might not grow very quickly, and could end up being sickly and rubbish, again, not ideal if you plan on selling it. 
  • And finally, if you want to grow your own so that you get more control over the chemicals within your weed, using auto-flowering seeds will not give you that control. 

However, for those of us who just want an easy to grow marijuana plant for only ourselves to smoke, auto-flowering seeds are the way to go. 

Digital Team