Why a Business Needs to Invest in Technology

Technology has revolutionized the way business is done. The world has become a global village with the help of the internet. When you have a local business, the target audience will be locals but when you build an e-commerce platform you reach a new market and anyone in the country is able to access your product or service. No one would have thought that a company could depend on a platform like Facebook to sell products a couple of years. For a business that cares about growth and sustainability, investing in technology is imperative. Here are some of the reasons you should consider investing in technology for your business.

Remote Access

Mobile technology has grown exponentially in the last decade. This is due to the fact that everyone has a smartphone and it is a lot more convenient for people to use it to easily access information. Almost all your employees have smartphones and they can easily access email and multimedia content from the devices. When you invest in the right technology, employees can work remotely which increases productivity in the company. According to statistics, those employees who spend between 60 to 80% of their time working remotely have the highest engagement and productivity in the workplace.

Competitive Edge

We live in an age where it is the little things that make the difference. Every business is optimized and consumers are spoiled for choice when it comes to options. Investing in technology will also give you a competitive edge because there are not a lot of companies that do so. The right technology will also come in handy in case you want to scale your business. Using off-the-shelf solutions might not be recommended for a business that is growing fast. You need technology that addresses the needs of the business and can be scaled depending on the growth.

Improved Interaction with Customers

Customers are the reason why the business is in existence in the first place. Your potential customers are likely to be tech-savvy. You need to be on the same page in order to provide better services. A customer could be using Twitter to complain about your services but you rarely visit the platform. You need to invest in monitoring technology, especially in this digital age where a single tweet can ruin the reputation of a business. That is why it is important to look for custom solutions like that offered by Zenserp, especially when it comes to web monitoring. Your potential customers have become smarter because they have access to information at their fingertips which helps with the decision making process. Investing in technology shouldn’t be up for debate if you’re looking to keep tabs on the ever-changing demands of your customers.


When you invest in technology, you also improve the speed of processes in the organization. There are some tasks that are labor-intensive, yet they can be automated which also helps in saving time. You could be using old and outdated systems that are no longer able to meet the needs of the company. Looking for a standard solution might be out of the question given the unique needs of your business. There are tools and apps that can complete repetitive tasks in only a few minutes. Technology improves speed in all the different sectors of your business. A good example is healthcare technology. The right tech has the potential of improving patient care. There is less time wasted and patients are able to access critical treatment without having to worry about the availability of a physician.


With the right technology, you won’t only be improving the speed of processes but also productivity in the organization. Employees will play a big role in the development of the technologies that are used in the business. There is improved creativity because there are systems in place to support the work process. A business that has productive employees is likely to be profitable. You might still be using VolP but there have been studies that have shown that shifting to PSTN could save up to $1727, and up to $920k a year in terms of employee productivity.

To sum it up, you don’t need to have a lot of money in order for you to invest in technology. You just need to start by identifying the areas in your business that are in need of improvements the most. Investing in technology can be a game-changer in your industry. You will be pushing your business in the right direction, one step at a time. Investing in the right technology should be a priority for your business.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.