Who is Stephen Somers and Why He Created Marketplace Superheroes

Amazon has evolved into a global online center for web-based trading where marketers and customers alike flock into complete negotiations and product purchases. Anyone can start an online business by making an exclusive Amazon marketplace account. The trick is through the initial learning process, where every newcomer can learn all about eCommerce trading processes.

Stephen Somers and the Creation of Marketplace Superheroes

The company Amazon is considered a juggernaut of the online eCommerce industry. Any aspiring digital entrepreneur may sell and promote their products and services with Amazon’s interconnected marketplace. Amazon is known to provide several solutions and methods suitable for every person who wants to earn income with its virtual infrastructure.

Stephen Somers has started as a digital entrepreneur with Amazon that lasted for seven years. He eventually partnered with his mentor named Robert Ricky, a highly experienced online salesman that earned ten million dollars by selling his products and collaborating with several online companies. The combined experience of Stephen Somers and Robert Ricky resulted in the creation of Marketplace Superheroes.

Marketplace superheroes are initiated as a training course for Amazon sellers. The educational program of marketplace superheroes is an excellent platform for anyone aspiring to become a top Amazon marketer. It is a well-established program that represents the combined experiences of Robert Ricky and Stephen Somers. It shows any online marketing industry’s novice, an easy-to-follow training, and an educational curriculum to get them started selling on Amazon.

The program of Marketplace Superheroes relies upon its emphasis on the intelligent techniques of performing product sourcing methods. It introduces newbies to all the aspects associated with Amazon sales and distribution. The training course prepares its interested students tried and tested formulas which could lead their online businesses to global expansion and worldwide recognition.

What is the Educational Program called marketplace Superheroes?

The educational program offered by Marketplace Superheroes consists of two phases of learning levels. It includes twelve modules that teach new digital entrepreneurs looking for a potential product to sell, establishing a good brand and label, and the selling of products complete with its distribution and shipping processes. The program teaches individuals in marketing potential items of their exclusive brands within the low-competition and high-profitability category.

Whenever a starting marketer sets-up a web-store in Amazon’s marketplace, their very first initiative is to seek out a product that can have a massive potential of consistent brand recognition and gaining high income. The next step for them is to field a working business strategy that places their products to a specific niche market with a low number of competitors. They should account for the possible source of the work that can have it delivered at any time of the year when demands are high. Digital marketers should consider the proper branding of their products and services that could attract interested customers and invite more visitor traffic.

Amazon’s Marketplace Superheroes ensures an easy-to-learn training program for online marketers. Each module found with its program contains a mix of lessons and quality video clips that shares tips and advice of successfully starting an Amazon web-store. The program also features the possibility of access with screen-shares, updates, and fresh downloadable content that can multiply their firsthand knowledge of the Amazon eCommerce industry.

How is the Training Course Different from other Amazon Courses?

Marketplace Superheroes is a combined effort of Stephen Somers and Robert Ricky. Both are experienced online entrepreneurs where the lessons they learned of navigating the Amazon online business realm are applied with the curriculum of Marketplace Superheroes. It initiates people with the sales and distribution of products on Amazon.

Marketplace Superheroes differs from other Amazon online courses in many possible ways. It prioritizes emphasizing the plan of creating a lifestyle business that can generate consistent profit and avoid large-scale building businesses that only corporations can handle in maintaining. It focuses its learners on finding simple yet profitable daily products with low-competition that can be sold and distributed in vast quantities.


Amazon has evolved into one of the widely-used online sales platforms on the internet. The training program known as Marketplace Superheroes is created by experienced web-based entrepreneurs known as Stephen Sommers and Robert Ricky. Their educational curriculum provides its viewers with several lessons and modules to get an aspiring digital marketer initiated with all the Amazon marketplace processes.

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