Where To Sell Coffee Wholesale?

One of the most common drinks that people consume around the world is coffee. Many of us drink coffee several times every day. Based on this, selling coffee wholesale sounds like a pretty profitable business. But in this matter, an important aspect is the determination of sales directions to ensure significant sales volumes. Also it provides favourable prices both for the wholesalers and their customers.


Below we will look at some examples of distribution channels for wholesale coffee.



Coffee Shops And Restaurants

Public eatery places are among the first ones where to sell coffee wholesale. It is important to find cafes that greatly represent your brand and reflect the ethics and values of the coffee bean wholesaler. It would also be great to collaborate with establishments that, for example, care about the environment and use biodegradable packaging. This will improve the reputation of your business.


It is very important to build strong and partnership relationships with the coffee shop or restaurant which you will sell your goods wholesale to. This will ensure mutually beneficial cooperation for both parties.


It would be a good idea to think about what types of coffee beans will be relevant at one or another time of the year. This approach is an opportunity for the wholesaler to demonstrate creativity and professional skills. For the owner of a catering establishment, this will manifest itself in an increased number of customers and, consequently, greater profits.


Retail Stores

Not everyone wants to go to a cafe to drink coffee. Many people prefer to consume coffee at home. For this reason, they go to the store and buy coffee there to prepare it by themselves. The demand of a large number of people for this product makes the sale of coffee in bulk to retail stores another significant sales channel. Retail stores include grocery stores, large supermarkets, and stores narrowly specialising in the sale of coffee. As a wholesaler, you can sell your products to them directly or through distributors.



Another option on how to sell coffee beans wholesale is through your own website or through marketplaces, for example B2b.discount, which is intended specifically for wholesale representatives.


Sell Your Coffee To Exporters

If you are a coffee manufacturer or roaster, then selling for export is another way for you to expand your business.

Some Points You Should Consider About Coffee Wholesale


Some helpful tips for successfully selling coffee wholesale include:


  • Wide range of coffee beans and their high quality. Thus you will be able to satisfy coffee consumers;
  • Profitable offers for buyers of your products, as well as discounts and promotions in order to attract establishments and retail stores;
  • Fast delivery will also ensure efficient and profitable distribution of coffee on a wholesale scale;
  • You need to be responsive and provide quality service so that your wholesale coffee buyers are always satisfied and come back again.



Coffee is a popular drink that is in demand in many countries. Selling coffee wholesale is a great idea that will allow you to build a profitable business. This can be done using several sales channels, which we discussed in the article. You can choose something that suits your business. Also, do not forget to ensure the high quality of your services and the products supplied.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.