What you Can Do to Guarantee a Successful Marketing Campaign

Your team has put so much effort into planning this marketing campaign, and you’re finally ready to release it into the world, where it can either bring you incredible achievements or reveal disappointing results. Instead of sitting in the office with your fingers crossed, you can keep track of the campaign’s progress and push it towards success.

Start by Keeping Track of Your Campaign:

You can turn to a digital marketing reporting and analysis dashboard like Morphio for more information about the online performance of your digital campaign. Outsourcing this job to an AI-driven prediction platform will be much easier than having staff members ignore their workloads to watch for website clicks and digital marketing analytics. The platform will be able to cover a lot more ground than any employee, giving you incredibly thorough reports.

Once you launch your campaign, let Morphio know what your marketing goals are so that they can help you reach them. The goals could be related to web traffic, ROI, conversions and much more. You could aspire for your website to finally edge out a branded competitor in SEO results.

By setting these key performance initiatives, the platform can effectively keep an eye on goals to see if your campaign reaches them organically. With this information and their expert advice, you can reach those targets in no time.

Check in With Consumer Responses:

If you receive a notice about a sudden surge in web traffic, take a closer look. Those numbers could indicate that your brand is gaining popularity, but it’s not profiting.

Consider past marketing campaigns that garnered sudden online attention. The razor brand company Billie received immediate success for their Project Body Hair campaign that had ground-breaking ads featuring female models with visible body hair. The new company’s YouTube video gathered over a million views, their Instagram page tripled its follower numbers and they sold out of multiple items.

On the other hand, the controversial Pepsi commercial featuring the celebrity Kendall Jenner blew up on the internet because of its tone-deafness towards social justice issues like police brutality and racism. It drew genuine outrage and mockery from viewers. Within 24 hours of the launch, Pepsi decided to pull the ad and send out an apology.  

Not all attention is good attention. Your campaign may be the talk of the town, but that talk doesn’t mean much if you’re not seeing any profit. You need consumers to follow through with clicks by ordering products, purchasing services or starting memberships. If it’s looking less like a Project Body Hair Campaign and more like a Pepsi “Jump In” campaign, you need to intervene straight away.

Bounce Back from Backlash:

All isn’t lost if you make a misstep and deal with some backlash. Your company isn’t the first to make a mistake and it won’t be the last. The best way for brands to bounce back from backlash is to apologize genuinely to consumers and focus on doing better — this proves that you have listened to vital feedback.

Putting out a marketing campaign will always feel like a gamble. That’s why you have to be ready to track your online performance, check your feedback and adjust when necessary.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.