Five Top Advantages Associated With Live Streaming Your Event

There are many benefits associated with live streaming your event and connecting with a broad audience.

1.    Expands Your Reach

Live streaming allows you to extend your audience. The web is an inestimably substantial place, and live streaming will enable you to extend your audience and invites consumers who wouldn’t otherwise have engaged in the event you’ve chosen to host to partake in the announcement, joining on forums or asking and answering questions in the Q&A section.

2.    Cost-Effective

Many companies choose to use live streaming as a platform to train new personnel through training programs. This means everyone gets the same product and training information simultaneously, therefore saving the company costs. When a live event is hosted, several expenses need to be tended to travel, i.e., security and accommodation. By live streaming the event, you end up saving on these costs.

3.    Amplified Revenue

By reducing costs, you are increasing revenue. The money and time that you are saving allow you to allocate more of your time and resources to promoting your products and expanding your brand.

4.    Engaging With Your Audience

Face to face interaction with your consumers is highly effective in humanizing your brand and connecting with your audience. It is an excellent way of sharing your brand’s history. And businesses who have question and answer sessions included in their live streaming Melbourne events allow them to connect to the viewers from home who chose to participate. Live streaming provides your audience with a sense of excitement, and this type of platform is characteristically about community. It allows your audience to feel exclusive and inclusive at the same time. Live stream platforms include Google+, Livestream, or Ustream.

5.    Uploading Of Broadcasts

Another great benefit of live streaming itself is allowing companies to record a broadcast and share it on platforms such as YouTube. This means individuals can tune into your live event to watch it at a more appropriate time or a later date. Once the recorded stream has been uploaded onto YouTube, it can be added to your website and social media pages associated with your company. You can even take this further by allowing your business to inter-promote and interconnect on all your platforms. For instance, asking your followers to like your page on Facebook or tweet questions on Twitter is an excellent method to quickly enhance your presence on social media particularly with people that are already a fan of your brand.

You can either cash in on the SEO advantages of YouTube. For instance, announcing a new product or doing a tutorial on one of your existing products can make it more accessible to others to find while growing your brand’s web presence. Audiences respond well to live stream content, especially if they are given the opportunity to interact and ask questions about the product. Contrasting to the radio, internet streams have infinite stretch and can even create the possibility of international audiences participating.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.