What To Do After Car Accidents?

First, You Might Panic.

There is a tendency that your mind has exaggerated the consequence of an accident before it actually happens. And when it does happen, if you are like most people, you will be confused, perplexed and shocked. If you call us at Console and Associate P.C, we will give you the best advice that will both help you in future claims and at the moment.

In this state, it is likely to make poor and rash decisions. You might pull off your car seat and collapse on the road. Some might sit still and wait for the situation to get worse. This article is dedicated to helping you take the right actions when you don’t know what to do. So read and ensure you keep the tips in your hands for accident occurrence.

Are You OK?

Immediately after the crashing of a car, instead of asking for who is responsible, you need to twist the question and ask yourself if you are OK.

Am I OK?Is anything wrong with your body that you need urgent medical attention? Calm down, breathe, check all over your body and see if you are affected physically. If you did not sustain any injury, then you can take the next step in this list. If you sustain an injury, you should seek medical attention first.

And Make Yourself Safer

Another thing is to make yourself safe. At Console and Associate P.C, we value your welfare and that of other road users. Even if you are not injured, just stopping the car and sitting can cause another accident. And you might not be lucky this time. Is your car parked awkwardly and could lead to further accidents? Drive off the road, drive to safety. Staying in the car and waiting will not be a good idea if your car is positioned in a way that would affect other drivers.

So drive off the road and park appropriately. Use warnings signs; turn on your hazard light, use the cones or the warning triangle in your car. 

Call For Medical Help And Then Call The Police

You might not need to call for medical help if you are unscathed, at least not immediately. But if you are, call an ambulance. Even if call us at Console and Associates P.C. we will tell you to first get treatments. Also, it is a must for you to call the police even if no one is injured. If you are ever going to present the case in court, you will need a witness and calling the police would be a great benefit.

Take Pictures

This will also serve as evidence to support your claims. Before the arrival of the police, take pictures of the situation. You should focus on the important part of the situation. Capture the damages on your car and other people’s property. Before you start taking pictures, do not tamper with anything that could signal the end of your case. If you will be using the pictures in court, they will be verified for accuracy. So, capture the background which can depict the whole situation and the location perfectly. 

Give And Get Information

Usually, when the police arrive, you will be asked some questions. Narrate the story as truthful as possible. Don’t hide anything. But before their arrival, you can talk to other drivers that want to listen to you. Ask the drivers information about their cars and their works and their destination. You don’t know when the information might come handy. Anyway, do not overdo it. Once the police arrive, your attention should be turned to the police.  You can use the information against the other driver when you negotiate with the insurance company or when you decide to hire a personal injury attorney.

If other people are affected in the accident, you should try to collect information from them too. Though you should not say too much, you should seek information in the form of their names, their vehicle description, their license plate number etc. And remember to also take enough pictures to show what you have collected; if they allow you, take the pictures of their car or the pictures of how they are affected, either they are just passengers or pedestrian or another driver.

Call Your Lawyer

Of course, you can file the claim immediately. But notifying your lawyer before you make such a move would be brilliant. It means you are going into a battle with a strong army behind you. When things get a bit calmer, you will need to add other details to the claims, and you can promptly do so.

Filing your claims immediately will also ensure you do not exceed the statute of limitations. Or the defendant will still be available when the claim is filed.

Console and Associate P.C. can help.

For those who are injured during the accident, get good medical care before you make this move. Because court hearing can be stressful and painful, you should get proper medical attention before filing your claim. If all else fails or you are still confused, talk to us at Console and associate P.C.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.