What Materials Are Used For Exhibition Stands

Exhibition stands are made of many materials that are lightweight and easy to assemble and sturdy enough to hold advertising materials like boards and lights inside the stand. The material used is very important as it makes your stand prominent among other stands.

However, the material depends upon the preferences of the buyers and how critical their design for the stand is, and what their budget is. These bespoke exhibition stands can be used to attract a lot of potential customers if designed in a way that appeals to most people.

The booth is the main area for creating spaces, product displays, and storage. You can use many materials to make the exhibition stands, like wood-based or steel-based. They have further varieties and their benefits to choose the one that best fits the style you want for your exhibition.


It is widely used to make custom; bespoke exhibition stand as it is the most cost-efficient if you purchase it in bulk. It is easy to work with and achieve any shape; however, you will still need to add a layer of paint or vinyl graphics for finishing.


 It is more hard-wearing material. It is sturdy and has a great raw finish that would not need to be painted over. It is a little more expensive than a chipboard but depending on the shape you want; it can end up being cheaper as you wouldn’t need to add a layer of paint on top.

Solid timber:

 This is the best material to use for exposed surfaces and outdoor stands; however, it may cost you more but give you a great natural timber finish. If you want a naturally rustic theme for your booth, you should check this out.


 It is best for outdoor booths and is a great high-end material with a premium finish and, as a result, costs more. But if you have a high budget and want a premium finish check out this material to make a statement at your next exhibition.


 It is another option if you want a steel-based outdoor stand as it is lightweight and easy to install. They are affordable and easy to assemble. However, its outer surface might need to be spray painted to match the theme of your brand.


It is super sturdy and durable. Their portability won’t be an issue since they are firm. However, they are heavy, and transportation would be an issue. Care needs to be taken if used outside as it needs to be powder coated. Moreover, it can be expensive than other options, but if you have a flexible budget, then do invest in this material.


It is used if you want a transparent surface for your exhibition stand. However, it needs to be carefully transported as glass breaks easily. It can be used for any windows or doors and add a lot to your stand as it looks attractive and graceful.


It is an alternative to glass if you still want the same effect but at a cheaper rate, it might not be as transparent but this can be great if you are on a budget.

Thus, depending on the shape of your exhibition stand and your budget, you can choose from a variety of materials to make your exhibition stand.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.