What is Pure Water Window Cleaning?

In contrast to the conventional approach involving ladders, buckets, applicators, and squeegees, the pure water window cleaning method, commonly called reach and wash, utilizes lightweight telescopic poles equipped with a fixed soft brush head. This brush head dispenses water onto the window, enabling the operator to clean the glazing, frames, and ledges. The purified water comes from regular tap water that undergoes a filtration process. The first filter removes sediment, followed by a carbon block filter to eliminate chlorine. In the final stage, the water passes through a high-grade resin vessel, essentially “polishing” the water and removing microscopic particles like calcium, responsible for streaky white marks. This comprehensive filtration ensures that window rinsing is left to dry, resulting in a flawless, streak-free, and spot-free finish on every occasion.

The Undeniable Benefits

Purified water thoroughly cleans windows and frames, eliminating the need for a ladder. In today’s context, this is particularly advantageous for ensuring the safety of workers and reducing the risk of accidents. Using a soft bristle head, operatives can delicately yet effectively wash individual window units, removing dust, bird droppings, dirt adhered to the glazing, and any moss growing on the frames. The brushes prove highly efficient in eliminating spider nests, often found in the top corners of windows – take a look next time you’re at home! Pure water cleaning is also an eco-friendly option as it eliminates the need for harsh chemicals, making it a safer and more sustainable choice for both the environment and the people using it.

The telescopic poles enable window cleaners to access areas that were once challenging or impossible to reach, such as windows above conservatories or high Velux windows on the roof. These poles are lightweight and easily manageable even when fully extended, reaching heights of up to 70 feet. Additionally, many individuals express discomfort with the traditional ladder approach, citing privacy concerns when someone is peering through their windows.

Pure Water cleaning is the way to clean faster, easier, greener, and safer. Eliminate caustic chemicals and climbing ladders by leveraging systems from brands like Ettore, Unger, IPC Eagle, Tucker, and HydroSphere. These systems are easy to operate and maintain and will give you years of reliable service.

Who Should Use This Method?

Many homeowners and window cleaning services typically use regular tap water sourced from an outdoor hose for window cleaning. While this approach is undeniably convenient, it comes with certain drawbacks. The water supplied to residences or businesses by the city undergoes treatment that includes the addition of chlorine. Moreover, it contains particulates that can lead to the accumulation of hard water deposits and residue. If you’ve ever observed hard water spots on your bathtub or stainless steel faucets, you’ve witnessed the impact of these particulates. Choosing to clean your windows with such water may result in similar deposits on the glass. If you are dealing with challenging water, you should refrain from using it for window cleaning.

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Sarah Ross