What is FinTech design?

The digital era allows us to live wirelessly, to live free. Anything we need or almost anything can be done on the smartphone. So nowadays, any service is as valuable to customers as good its digital version is. And the market is only happy to offer the user an alternative when they are not satisfied with their current product. This means any digital solution needs to address the customers’ needs or it will sink. And fintech industry is not an exception. We trade cryptocurrency, track our expenses, plan our budget, and check our bank accounts—all in a couple of clicks on the phone. This is why fintech design is essential for any newborn MVP to survive. Fintech design is a complex system of processes and solutions aimed at helping customers to reach their objectives while keeping the entire operation process smooth and engaging.

Why do you want the best fintech design for your product?

Imagine a home makeover. A perfectly designed home is comfortable for the users’ favorite activities; it has a dedicated and functional space for everything its residents need; it looks nice and is easy to maintain. The same logic works with digital products. Just like home design helps to create an ideal home to live in, quality fintech app design makes your digital solution both helpful and pleasant to use. As a result, your product is:

  • Practical. It has all the critical features the user might need for their task but is not overloaded with functions.
  • Simple and intuitive. Overcomplicated layouts or too much professional language will drive the user away, cause frustration, and make your CTAs less effective. Implementation of good fintech design practices makes users’ workflow seamless and smooth.
  • Safe to use. Privacy and security always matter but, in the financial field, they are essential. Fintech products get hacked or breached much more often, so put extra effort and use strong, reliable digital solutions, so that your customers can trust you with their money.
  • A fun tool to use. Just because it is fintech, the customer does not have to suffer from boredom! A bit of gamification, rewards for positive actions, and a nice interface will keep the user engaged and motivated.

Finding a fintech design agency

If you want to ensure that your product has the best fintech design, a professional vision and approach are a must. It is best to work with specialists from scratch so that you will not stumble upon critical issues in the later stages of development. Fixing them can overtax your budget in a blink of an eye. We recommend you check Arounda’s works. They are not just a fintech design agency but a team of interdisciplinary digital product experts bringing to the table extensive knowledge and expertise in product development, UI/UX design, and business analysis. Add five-year experience in working with SMEs and startups, helping them launch well-accepted digital solutions, and you can be sure that the product you create together will do great in the market.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.