What Is a Transparent Logo and Where To Use It?

When you have decided to start your business you can not help but wonder what kind of logo you should select for your brand to be more recognizable and eye-catching. First of all, when you create your logo from scratch you can be happy with the way it looks but when you decide that you need a background for it you may find yourself being disappointed because no background feels right for you, for some reason.

If you already have printed all the brochures for the upcoming meeting that you have scheduled, or if you have spent weeks on social media promoting your new brand but have no idea why this kind of logo that you created doesn’t feel right, we have a perfect solution for you. Just keep reading and you will solve this problem with your logo in no time.

What is Logo?

First of all, we need to define what a logo is. A logo is a certain mark, text, or any kind of image that consists of the name of the brand or explains the services that your brand or business provides to the customer. No one can doubt the fact that having your own, unique and eye-catching logo is incredibly important, but for some reason, some business owners seem to neglect the importance of their logo and advertisement in general. No wonder so many newly-started businesses seem to fail without even anyone recognizing them. What a shame, right?

So, let’s go back to your situation when you have created the logo but unfortunately it doesn’t feel right, because the background doesn’t seem to match the logo itself. What should one do? The answer to your problem is the transparent logo file.

A transparent logo – is a certain kind of logo that is created on a transparent background. We know that at first, it may sound difficult to achieve, but there is nothing complicated about it at all. 

Plenty of brands and companies have offered a kind of logo that they refer to as transparent PNG. This kind of logo may be created on a gray or white background but in the end, this background is transparent and does not appear in any color at all. 

The main aim of this kind of transparent logo is to make sure that the certain logo of your business that you have created looks amazing and catchy on any kind of surface that you put it on. 

Where can I put this transparent logo?

This kind of transparent logo may be used anywhere at all, regardless of the fact of what kind of business you have, what kind of services you offer, and what advertisement platforms are you planning to use. 

One may use their transparent logo file as:

 – watermarked images on internet platforms and forums

 – company videos and advertisements on social media

 – the particular signature at the end of company emails, that had been sent

 – on various websites and platforms

 – on Facebook and Instagram ads, etc.

 In case you are not that keen on using your transparent logo online and you have a strong desire to concentrate on the offline advertisement then you may use your logo on:

 – various posters promoting your brand

 – invoices, checks, and other official files

 – brochures that you may give at the conference

 – your business cards that prove to be very effective and are easily carried around

  – on various merchandise, such as cups, pens, mugs, purses, t-shirts, hats, etc.

Any business owner or a starter needs to remember that a transparent logo should be created very carefully, and go well with any kind of background that it may be put on. 

Sometimes companies who have created transparent logos don’t see why it is not working as well for them as they hoped for, and the main reason for it is that the logo is blended into the surface and simply gets lost in the background. One should remember that a transparent logo should go well with any kind of background, that is why it is essential to go to a professional for creating this kind of brand logo.

Even if you manage to use PhotoShop and create your logo with the magic wand there are still so many small details and nuances that probably you haven’t even thought about. Better consult a professional graphic designer or if you already have one, then you can request a transparent logo that should be done in no time.

As a branding trend, it will be better for you to create your logo in various color schemes, so it will look good on different backgrounds depending on its color palette. 

Various formats are being used for transparent backgrounds

1. PNG – this one is the most popular format mainly because it can contain graphics, plenty of colors, and images in a very small file

2. JPG – mainly this format is utilized for transferring the image online on websites

3. GIF – perfect for those who want to advertise their brand with an animated transparent logo, but this format is not that popular.

4. SVG – perfect for graphics and icons that are used on websites and forums online. Designers consider this format to be very useful and safe.

As you can see there are plenty of ways to make your brand even more popular with a proper way of advertising. And the best way for you to create your perfect logo is to use the transparent logo file. Make sure that you select a proper graphic designer or if you want to do it by yourself then let your mind flow and be creative!

Heron Nelson

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