What Does It Mean To Be Robbed Of Freedom?

“Freedom of citizens is guaranteed by Constitution.”

“Freedom punishment” of criminal case punishment is a punishment that severely restricts the freedom given to the people.

The first thing to be deprived is freedom of movement when convicted in a trial and sentenced to imprisonment without being suspended execution, the name of the defendant turns into a sentenced person, and the detainee and a prison such as detention center and prison are detained.

You can not move with your own will until you finish a sentence if you are accommodated in a penal institution. This is the limitation of freedom of movement  that is also the name of “free punishment.”

On the other hand, “imprisonment” can also impose a prison work, but it seems that it was aimed at making inmates work as inexpensive labor once, but now it is aimed at the life after social reintegration, and it is changing. However, since the work incentive is too low, it can be said to be a problem to be reviewed.

Problems in Actual Condition of “Free Punishment”

“Freedom punishment” does not only restrict freedom of movement but also strict restrictions and rules ranging from everyday behavior patterns and dietary amounts. In the past, there was a problem of human rights problems, such as marching like an army when moving, being made naked at the time of physical check. Most people are confined to this simply because they have no one to order their bail. Today bail agencies are taking the responsibility to meditate for people, such as the Dallas bail bonds is doing.

Although life seems to be improved at the prison and other places considering human rights, there are voices of doubt as to whether “imprisonment” which is too comfortable has become a deterrent effect of crime.

Is “Freedom Punishment,” “Improvement,” and “Detention” Depriving Inmates Their Freedom?

“Freedom punishment” restricts the freedom of movement of sentenced persons, there are fixed term and indefinite “imprisonment” and “detention.” While “imprisonment” which occupies most of the judgment result of the trial judgment and “imprisonment” are subject to suspension of execution, “detention” is not imprisoned but only a sentence judgment.

“Freedom Punishment” to Limit the Freedom of Inmates?

In case of causing a criminal case, being prosecuted and convicted in a trial, the punishment is divided into three: “life sentence,” “freedom punishment” and “fine punishment.”

Punishment corresponding to “life imprisonment” in almost all countries is only “death penalty,” it is a punishment that deprives human’s life, and it is often expressed in chemical expressions such as “extreme punishment” and “execution.”

“Freedom punishment” explained in this section may be hardest to imagine for the general public, but it is a punishment for the detention of those who committed capital offense or heinous crimes.

“Freedom punishment” is a punishment that accommodates those who commit crimes to penal institutions such as prisons and detention centers. It is a punishment that severely restricts movement and living, and is called “free punishment” because freedom is restricted.

Another is “property punishment.” It is that the person who is convicted of depriving the property from another owner. But if it says “property,” there is an image that the household goods are seized, but the representative property punishment is a fine to be paid.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.