What are the Most Common Causes of Worker’s Compensation for Small Businesses?

Nobody leaves the house in the morning assuming that they are going to get hurt on the job; however, this can happen even in jobs that seem safe. Even jobs that involve sitting behind a desk can lead to serious injuries. All it takes is one slip and fall. Someone might end up having to go to the hospital. Therefore, it is important for small businesses to know about the most common causes of worker’s compensation claims. Then, they need to take steps to prevent these accidents from happening. This will protect everyone involved.

According to Jason D. Mills & Associates, “Injured workers have the right to be compensated for injuries and illnesses caused by workplace accidents or exposures, regardless of fault.” This means that small businesses need to know the most common causes of worker’s compensation claims.

The most common cause of claims actually has to do with relatively minor strains and sprains. While these might not sound like major injuries, they happen on a regular basis and can significantly prevent someone from performing his or her job at the expected level. If someone has suffered a muscle strain, this can make it hard for him or her to lift heavy objects. The same can be said of someone who suffers a ligament sprain in the knee. When possible, companies need to reduce the amount of stress that is placed on their employees.

Next, cuts and puncture wounds are another common cause of worker’s compensation claims. It is possible for employees to suffer cuts or puncture wounds almost anywhere. Sometimes, these wounds can be quite severe, particularly if they lead to infections. If someone gets an infection from a cut, he or she might have to go to the hospital for treatment. There might even be stitches involved. This can keep someone out of work for a while.

Another common cause of worker’s compensation claims is inflammation. Inflammation can happen almost anywhere in the human body. When this happens, redness, warmth, swelling, and pain often result. One particularly common form of inflammation is called carpal tunnel syndrome. This syndrome leads to inflammation of the wrist and is commonly caused by repetitive typing. When this happens, the tunnel in the wrist can start to swell up and can compress the median nerve. As a result, that individual will have a hard time typing, which might be integral to his or her job.

These are a few of the most common causes of worker’s compensation claims that small businesses might see. It is a good idea for businesses to take steps to remove stress from their employees and ensure they are kept safe from harm. Businesses also need to protect themselves against these claims by investing in worker’s compensation insurance. This can help cover the costs of these claims.



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