Web Design Psychology – Tips For Developing an Influential Site

An impression is more than just a statistic. It’s an opportunity to impart your brand message, style or product on a new customer or audience. But that’s just the surface. A responsive web design can make or break break your website, turning traffic into rewarding conversions or disappointing bounces. Strong web design will determine whether or not customers become a lifelong ambassador, influenced by the experience they have with your website. Develop your website into a revenue generating tool, by following these web design tips.

Responsive web design

When it comes to your web design, looks are important. But having a responsive web design? That is where you will get the most success from your website, yielding the strongest return. Your beautifully designed website will be lost entirely if it’s not cross-device compatible or able to handle conversions of any volume. Engaging professionals who can tailor your web design to your industry-specific needs will allow you to grow your business faster, and more sustainably. Cast a critical eye over your website, and start making the changes that will make the most impact.

Brand continuity

In this day and age, brands need to differentiate themselves from the competitive landscape in which they operate. If you have a well-defined brand identity, this needs to be woven into your web design. A strong brand continuity will strengthen the opinion your market has of you, and it will start to influence those customers who may not be converted yet to your cause. If your company has a product or physical location, then a brand consistent web design is another way to spark familiarity and encourage an online audience to explore more. Brands that stick to what they say, and how they say it, are the ones that are top of mind for passing customers.


Whether you know it or not, we all take cues from things that extend beyond language and content. Colour choice, spacing, design and typeface all play a part in our consumption of the webpage we see before us. This can encourage a potential customer to explore more, or it can be the kiss of death. Don’t allow your web design aesthetics to be the latter. If you have a member of your team crying out for a front end makeover, consider how a fresher and more aesthetically-pleasing web design can keep visitors interacting with your website longer and more often.

Consistent content

You would have heard from many people that content is king. But why? Because it manages to pull in potential customers, and do the heavy lifting in increasing your ranking. Website content that is geared towards keyword density over authentic content will not have sustainable results. Both play a part in attracting and retaining an audience. Don’t give stale and outdated content the opportunity to let your website down, as it won’t influence anyone of anything except your lack of faith in your own brand. Devising a content strategy will determine what you will push and pull in your business at any given time, and flesh out relevant keywords to support those strategies.


As a brand, your desire if to influence the market. A market that is engaged in your brand and interacting with your website will not only convert, but become a lifelong customer and ambassador. There are a lot of factors that make up a successful website, and the absence of just one critical factor will affect your traffic. It starts with responsive web design, the importance of which could be the defining factor that influences your market over another provider.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.