Ways to Celebrate the Achievements of Your Company

Everyone loves a good celebration. It doesn’t matter whether it is for a birthday or a holiday, celebrations bring out the best in people. You may be surprised what a celebration could do for your company.


If your company has seen recent gains in profit or productivity, then that is cause for a celebration. Show the people who make your business run how important they are to the success of your company.


Benefits of celebrating your company reaching milestones


Employees make the business. If your company is doing better than usual as of late, then that is likely a result of your employees performing better as of late. You should recognize them for their work, but there are times that a simple pat on the back will not suffice.


In order for your company to be better now than it was, sacrifices had to be made by members of your team. These sacrifices were, of course, mainly in the way of time away from home and their families. They are well aware that the business has been flourishing recently, and they are keenly aware of why that is. However, sometimes your employees need you to show them that you are aware of their sacrifice, as well.


Celebrating your team’s increased productivity is one of many great ways to build team morale. Your team will appreciate your appreciation, and they will be more likely to enjoy their work and each other. This will create a perpetual cycle of achievement and celebration. Who knows, you may even get one of those “World’s Greatest Boss” mugs for Christmas.


Hold a banquet


Throwing a banquet is a relatively inexpensive way to recognize members of your team for their excellence. You should be able to rent a local hall or hospitality room at a reasonable price. If you need extra equipment, then a general online search for tables and chairs rental nyc should yield you some affordable results.


You want your event to be a classy one. Get your banquet catered by a local restaurant of high reputation and serve champagne to give people that bubbly success feeling.


The main goal of a banquet is to recognize people for individual excellence. Rewarding people for specific things that they do to make your business better shows them that you truly see what each member of the team brings to the table.


Give out performance bonuses


Nothing says I appreciate what you do for this company like an extra paycheck. Performance bonuses are one of the best ways to give your employees that “I love my job” feeling. The fact of the matter is that people who love their jobs tend to do better work. Maybe that’s why the top companies give bonuses to their employees for reaching performance milestones.


Bonuses can also serve as a major motivating factor for your employees. When you offer bonuses for productivity, it breeds a healthy level of competition. Your employees will push each other and bring out the best in each other.


Create a culture of celebration in the office


You don’t have to go over the top every time your team, or a member of your team, reaches a milestone, but you do need to celebrate even the small victories. You can create a culture in your office where triumphs are regularly celebrated.


When someone gets a small victory, recognize it before the whole office. Tell everyone how they helped the company, and lead your team in congratulating them with a round of  applause. Sometimes, it really is the little things that mean the most.


Business is full of ups and downs, and but you have to learn to consistently enjoy the ups and celebrate the good times.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.