Helpful Information About Using Link Building As An Off-Site SEO Tool

Many companies know the importance of onsite SEO and are already implementing SEO practices to improve their Google rankings.

But making use of off-site SEO strategies is just as important to grow your online persona and improve your website popularity not only amongst users but also other high-ranking websites.


How Can Website Owners Benefit From Off-Site SEO?

Higher rankings – Your website will have a higher ranking on search engines and as a result, generate more traffic to your site.

Positive exposure – Your website can enjoy better exposure when it has a high ranking on the search engines, as it will generate more site visits and social media mentions. It is like a snowball effect where one action leads to another.

How Can Link Building Promote My Webpage?

The most powerful and favored method of off-site SEO is link building. For you to rank higher and surpass your competitors, it can be extremely beneficial to gain as many “votes” through building outside links. For example, when your article is well liked and receives referrals through other blogs or websites. You can consult with Punch SEO in Buffalo to assist you with off-site SEO strategies.

There are several strategies that webmasters make use of to try and build links to their pages for them to receive higher rankings. Here are two examples:

  • Through Blog Directories:

Blog directories are like the yellow pages with the exception that every entry contains a link that will point users to a webpage.

  • Link Exchange Schemes:

Website owners will get in touch with other website owners to exchange links. They will then link each other’s pages on their websites.

Methods like these are not recommended as it can cause your website more damage when you try to trick search engines through building artificial links. Instead of receiving a higher ranking, you might end up with a penalty instead.


What Is Considered As A Good Link?

When it comes to link building, quality enjoys preference over quantity. It doesn’t matter as such how many links are directing users to your sites, but rather where the links are originating from. Natural links are the most preferred and successful ones. For instance, one blogger or website owner like the website of a peer and adds a link to that site on his/her blog.

Guest Blogging

Another plausible way of getting links back to your website is through guest posts. It is however essential not to overdo it.


When you are working on SEO campaigns, it is essential to include both on-site SEO as well as off-site SEO practices for your company to reap the best benefits when you are attempting to get a higher Google rating, increase your site visibility and expand site traffic. When you are considering link building, it is important not to make use of unethical practices or take shortcuts, as it will have the opposite desired effect. The harder it is to gain a link, the more significance the link will have.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.