Unique Employee Gifts to Show Appreciation

What motivates your employees? Is it the paycheck they draw or the lucrative perks of the job role that push them to exceed expectations at work?

Experts suggest that public recognition is the best form of employee motivation. And, what best way than recognizing the efforts of the people working for your company, then expressing your appreciation with gifts?

Gifts are, by far, the ideal way to convey your gratitude and make people feel good about them. Moreover, meaningful employee gifting fosters a positive culture at the workplace, besides helping in talent retention. But how do you decide what to gift your employees when you probably are not aware of their personal choice or preferences? Here’s a compilation of unique gift ideas that will boost employee morale and make you the favorite bosses of all.

Experience Gifts

If your budget permits, you could reward your most valued employee with an all-expense-paid luxury vacation. The experience of such a vacation will make it a memorable affair and also raises their perceived status among other employees. Other experience gifts include tickets for a live show, a spa session, a family dinner at a fine-dining restaurant, etc.  

Electronic gifts

Quality hi-tech personal gifts are forever in fashion. Hand out snazzy gadgets like earbuds, portable Bluetooth speakers, or smart TV to encourage your people to stay with you for long. Such gifts enhance employee morale and brand value, besides widening your brand’s visibility whenever and wherever the receiver uses them.

Home utility gifts

Think of a voice-controlled virtual assistant, an air fryer, a robot vacuum, etc., to help your employees reduce the stress involved in completing house chores, leaving them with more energy to complete office assignments. A perfect win-win situation wherein the employee is not only pepped up about office work but has a better work-life balance owing to the smart gadgets that take the load off house chores.

Sports and fitness gifts

Sports equipment and fitness gears are appropriate gifts for health-conscious employees. Gifting these items will showcase your appreciation for their hard work and take care of their mental and physical health, which in the long run can benefit your company indirectly.

Fashion gifts

Who doesn’t fancy a luxury watch or a designer pair of shades? And when employees receive these gift packages from the Boss, the light on their faces will be hard to miss. In addition, these gifts have a long life, thus ensuring that your brand name splashes wherever the receiver uses them.

Personalized gifts

Personalized items like a coffee mug or a hoodie printed with the employee’s name are popular corporate gifts. They are simple yet crowd-pleasers. That’s why many businesses choose personalized gifts to convey their appreciation to their employees and customers. You can have the best personalized gifts Australia has to offer with Artfia, they are sure to delight the receiver.   

Employee gifts sure do go a long way in building a healthy relationship in the workplace. Which gift idea will you use to spread cheer in your company?

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.