Tracking Web Traffic And Backlinks For Enhanced Marketing Results

If you are serious about getting more clients and visitors to your website, you must start monitoring your backlinks. Backlinks and link building are essential tools for gaining more traffic and ranking your website higher in the SERPs. And since backlinks remain relevant even today, possibly they won’t lose their power anytime soon. However, the process does not end there. Gaining high-authority links is undoubtedly essential, but keeping track of those links is even more crucial. Hence, here are some reasons why tracking web traffic and backlinks are vital for enhanced marketing results.

  • Backlinks And SEO

Backlinks continue to remain possibly the most vital factor for determining your rank on search engines. To direct more traffic to your website from Google, you will have to focus on getting high-quality backlinks. Search engines rank websites based on the sheer amount of backlinks your website has. Therefore, you must aim for authoritative backlink opportunities and promote the traffic quality pushed to your website.

Backlinks serve as a tool for Google that other websites and platforms vouch for your website. Since many other websites link to the webpage, search engines are likely to interpret quality content. Thus, allowing your website to rank high, even surfacing on the top results. Moreover, the gained backlinks will inevitably improve your site’s visibility and boost your website’s rank. An all-inclusive tool for analyzing backlinks on different pages would be this backlink checker by SEMrush; it offers many win-win scenarios for the user. This tool will provide detailed analytics and figures regarding the traffic and the backlinks the website possesses.

  • Keep Your Backlinks In Check

Maintaining your search engine ranking and keeping your backlinks in check is imperative for your site’s success. Although getting more backlinks and monitoring them is essential, you must focus on the high-quality links instead. Authority pages and links are substantial for driving more traffic to your website. So, how do you get high-quality links? Or, how do you monitor the backlinks? For starters, you must record the obtained links from all editorial content, sorting it out as well. As for analyzing the backlinks, you can use Google Webmaster tools or any other SEO analysis toolkit.

When looking for the backlinks, you can use the filter option to filter out spam and low-quality links. Furthermore, you can search for them based on a set of criteria. Links have some assigned scores according to the web metrics. Essentially, targeting the higher scores for domain authority, page authority, and similar metrics should be your goal.

  • Spy On Your Competitors

A mistake common amongst many beginners is the underrated aspect of monitoring their competition. Initially, website owners often reverse engineer their strategy during the website’s debut. However, the webmaster rarely continues to monitor the contenders of the website. The task is needlessly time-consuming, and it is probably not the best way of spending resources. But, instead of having a third-party agency to do the job and bill you $150/hr, you can hire your team of SEO experts. 

Monitoring your competition will undoubtedly become a lot easier and a consistent strategy for increasing your traffic. Nevertheless, the statement still holds — spying on your competitors and comprehending their approach will always remain time-consuming. Yet, on the other hand, it is worth every second spent on it. Different platforms offer numerous tools for performing a background check on such websites. Therefore, go ahead and avail yourself of similar aids and monitor the competitive platform. Using the SEO based perks, you can analyze their link building tactics, on-page SEO performance, their affiliates, and their backlink partners. Doing so will enable you not only to replicate their strategy but to devise even better marketing plans in the future. Furthermore, you can also improve on what they have implemented. For instance, if the competitor uses GIFs and images on their website, you can incorporate different videos instead.

  • Things To Avoid

While we have discussed the dos of SEO and backlinking, you must avoid some aspects at any cost. And though backlinks may drive considerable traffic to your site, it can also affect you negatively. New websites often fall victim to such issues; thus, they end up hurting their website’s reputation rather than improving it. To avoid such problems, you must cherry-pick your backlinks after conducting extensive research on them. Google’s algorithm requires your compliance in a few ways. Try not to use links from adult or gambling websites. Similarly, you cannot integrate websites unrelated to your category or websites with violence and aggressive language.

Moving on, you must also avoid spamming backlinks in your content, regardless of their quality and authority. Search engines ignore any such content that excels in redundancy and spamming different elements. You must also keep an eye on your competitors and if they’re willing to use methods for outranking you by spamming your website. While this will affect your reputation, it may also result in negative SEO. Therefore, the only way of resolving this concern is by disavowing all such links associated with the intent of having your site penalized. 

De-indexing is also an aspect for beginners to look out for carefully. If your company is purchasing links, especially the low-quality ones, chances are your website may get de-indexed. When working on improving your domain and page authority on SERP, indexing countless pages is imperative for your success. Site crawlers are known as the bots that follow your links and crawl on your website, evaluating its qualities. Indexing pages allows Google to crawl onto your page, allowing it to appear on the search results. But since de-indexed pages are inaccessible to Google, the chances of gaining more traffic are relatively low.


Having read the reasons mentioned above, you likely understand its importance to your digital marketing success. But you must bear in mind that checking your backlinks is as vital as building them. Digital marketing is quite effortless and straightforward, but it still requires a certain degree of dedication and consistency. Nevertheless, your main objective must be to distinguish between the links and remove any such links that may cause more harm than good. Once you master that, you will be capable of pushing your site’s success to unimaginable heights.

Blake Cohen

Blake is a business journalist with a wealth of experience covering the world of finance, economics and technology. With over a decade of experience reporting on the latest trends in the corporate world, Blake has a reputation for being a knowledgeable, analytical and forward-thinking journalist. He has a keen eye for spotting emerging technologies and trends in the business world, and is able to explain their impact on the economy and society in a clear and compelling way.