Top Tips for Your Trade Business

Starting your own business can be incredibly nerve-wracking. Many people dream of becoming their own boss, but it certainly comes with some challenges. 

Read our guide for some handy top tips when it comes to running your own trade business.

Why is supply chain management important?

Supply chain management allows for the efficient running of your business in order to maximize the value for both the customer and the company. It involves the process of managing the manufacturing and fulfillment of goods from your suppliers to your customers, ensuring operations are minimal and cost-effective.

There are many benefits to having effective supply chain management, including improved customer satisfaction and cash flow, as well as reduced operating costs, and securing better relationships with suppliers. 

Having a respectful relationship with suppliers can result in better safeguarding of your materials, giving you a priority if there were any shortages. For example, if you needed to get your hands on some extra plywood or steel, your supply chain management process would ensure there were no disruptions to sourcing any products or materials for your customers. 

Market your business

Promoting your business online is a guaranteed way to attract more customers. Ensure you have a website and give it a refresh if needed. Use social media to appeal to a wider audience across different platforms and provide updates, photos of your work, and any upcoming offers.

Building a positive reputation

Ensuring you build a positive reputation for your business is crucial when appealing to potential new customers. A good reputation indicates that you are reliable and trustworthy, meaning customers are willing to pay more for your services if the business has a great reputation.

This can also have an effect on your employees, attracting more talented and hard-working staff that want to work and showcase their skills at a reputable company.

Organization is key

Often when tradespeople are starting out in their business, paperwork can be forgotten about. It may not be your forte and it can require a lot of time and effort. 

Seeking advice from an accountant on how best to manage your accounts and other important factors within your business can be incredibly helpful and you’ll thank yourself in the long run.

Recording any expenses and invoices right from the start will save you a lot of stress and work later on – the admin parts of your business should not be overlooked.

Heron Nelson

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