Top Maintenance-Free Fence Options

Have you considered putting a fence around your property, but you don’t want something that will require a lot of maintenance? If your top priority in a fence is low maintenance, there are plenty of options for you. 

Adding a fence is a worthwhile investment for your home. It increases curb appeal and provides safety and privacy. Fences are excellent for both children and pets, providing space to run and play without having to worry about traffic. 

To be sure you get a fence that provides convenience without any hassle, try one of these maintenance-free options for your fence installation. 


One of the most popular options for fencing is vinyl. Vinyl fences are attractive, available in a variety of colors, and are highly customizable. Vinyl holds up well in all weather conditions from rain and sun to snow and ice. It never has to be painted or sealed and it won’t rust. Vinyl can be designed to provide varying degrees of privacy and include a variety of style options such as ornamental posts and lattice accents. 

Chain Link 

On the opposite end of the spectrum, a chain link fence is very simple and effective. It is also maintenance free as it will never need to be stained or treated and rarely requires repairs. Chain link fencing is one of the most affordable options available. The only disadvantage is that it does not provide privacy. However there are screens and weave options that can be added to chain link fences to make them more private. 


An ornamental steel fence is also a very low maintenance option. Steel is strong and durable, requiring very few repairs. A seal coat will need to be applied to a steel fence to prevent rusting, but after that it is maintenance-free. It very rarely needs to be resealed or touched up if it begins to rust. It helps to inspect your fence every so often to look for rust and treat those spots before they spread. One downside to a steel fence is that it doesn’t provide much in the way of privacy.


Even lower maintenance than a steel fence, aluminum won’t rust. It doesn’t have to be seal coated or treated in any way. Aluminum provides the same ornamental look of a steel fence without the need for rust inspection or treatment, and it is more affordable. A drawback of aluminum is that, like steel, it does not provide privacy. 

Material to Avoid: Wood

If you’re looking for maintenance-free fencing, wood is the one option to avoid. Even a fence built with treated wood will need to be sealed and resealed to protect the wood from moisture. It will still need repair occasionally, such as replacing rotted or warped boards, and is also susceptible to wood bee damage. 

Anderson Fence Provides a Variety of Maintenance-Free Fences

There are many different maintenance-free options to choose from when you hire Anderson Fence for your fence installation. We would be happy to discuss the various options with you to help you choose the best fence for your needs. 

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Sarah Ross