Top Five Virtual Assistant Service Providers Worldwide

With remote work becoming the new norm of the business world, another thing that has emerged and grabbed attention is Virtual Assistance. Increasing levels of education, better connectivity, and a vibrant work environment have contributed to the development of virtual assisting into a full-fledged profession. 

According to a 2021 Statista study, there were over 67 million freelancers in the United States. By the year 2028, the number is expected to surpass 90 million. At this rate, virtual professionals will account for more than half of the US workforce by 2028. The gig economy and freelancer markets experienced significant growth, which led to a boom in the virtual assistant sector. 

According to a Businesswire study from 2021, the market for independent virtual assistants will increase by $4 billion from 2021 to 2025. According to the same study, the market for virtual assistants is expanding at a CAGR of 12%.

All these statistics have led us to the fact – virtual assistants are the present and the future!
Well, this is all because of the benefits they bring with them. A virtual assistant works from a remote location to provide services to businesses or entrepreneurs. They provide various services, including inbox management, social media account management, accounting and

bookkeeping, database entry, website administration, digital marketing efforts, reporting, event management, appointment setting, and even managing personal errands. 

As an entrepreneur, there are multiple important tasks and responsibilities vying for your attention. In such a scenario working upon small, recurring tasks can be quite challenging and take up a substantial part of your productive time. To better focus on your business and client networking, hiring a virtual assistant to handle all these small tasks is the best possible solution. 

However, how do you find the right one with hundreds of sites offering virtual assistant services?

This blog lists the top five virtual assistant service providers to help you hire a virtual assistant for your business.

The Top Five Virtual Assistant Companies Worldwide


Image Source: is a platform that offers pre-vetted and pre-screened virtual assistants to US-based small businesses, entrepreneurs, and startups. Wishup connects businesses to virtual assistants that provide services, including executive assistant, bookkeeping, lead management, customer support, secondary research, database building, sales excellence, QA testing, and digital marketing.

Wishup’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and solopreneurs manage their businesses with utter efficacy and perfection. Wishup’s virtual assistants easily handle your tasks, helping you be more productive in your day. 

Wishup’s virtual assistants will also take care of all your recurring daily tasks. In addition, they will inform you of each task’s progress so that you know its exact status. You can also employ a virtual assistant to handle day-to-day administrative tasks while you focus on networking with potential clients. Wishup offers offshore and US based virtual assistants to suit your requirements.

Wishup’s hires its virtual assistants from the top 1% of applications it receives and trains them in more than 200 skillsets, so that you work only with the best. 

The advantages of hiring a virtual assistant from Wishup include:

  • Stringent selection process to hire only the top 1% of applicants
  • Highly qualified, pre-vetted virtual assistants
  • Instant, no questions asked, replacement/refund policy
  • Availability of experts for even the most challenging services
  • 24-hour onboarding
  • No contracts, insurances, liabilities, or employee benefits to worry about
  • Guaranteed security and confidentiality


Image Source: BELAY

BELAY is one of the providers of Virtual Staffing Solutions, offering businesses online bookkeeping, administrative support, social media planning, and web support. The 100% virtual business, was founded in 2010.

The virtual assistant company has developed a proprietary matching procedure using in-house expertise to pair your work personality with one of its US-based virtual assistants. 

Only slightly more than 3% of applicants are accepted due to the company’s stringent selection process, which guarantees that you will be paired with a fantastic team member. The US-based business has a track record of success. The task expertise includes research and reporting, managing emails and schedules, tracking travel and other book expenses, project coordination, helping with social media, and light bookkeeping.

BELAY goes out of its comfort zone by giving its clients extra support and training. However, the company does not disclose pricing and requires you to consult its consultation experts.

The key advantages of hiring a virtual assistant from BELAY are:

  • Professionals with years of experience
  • Pre-vetted individuals
  • No overhead costs
  • Award-winning services


Image Source: Prialto

Prialto is a virtual assistant company based in the United States that provides VAs for executive teams. The company has its main office in Portland, Oregon, and a talent network spread throughout Asia and Central America. Prialto provides clients with teams instead of just one virtual assistant, including an engagement manager, a primary assistant, a backup assistant, and a team lead.

Prialto gives its virtual assistants training in standard administrative software and procedures. Following client onboarding, the business works with customers to train their assistants in any necessary procedures. The quality of the assistants is periodically assessed and coached, and they are reachable by phone, chat, and email.

Each of Prialto’s virtual assistants works in a secure office, including desktop monitoring, security cards, IP restrictions, video monitoring, and other features. In addition, all client

procedures are documented, and a backup is trained if a client’s primary assistant is unavailable.

Prialto provides straightforward pricing with no hidden fees or hourly charges.

The core benefits include:

  • Trained assistants for the primary and secondary backup
  • Simple support scaling with no interruptions
  • Comprehensive data security measures


Image Source: Zirtual

Zirtual offers dedicated, US based virtual assistants for business leaders. Thanks to its relationship-based model, customers can establish enduring relationships with their dedicated assistant, or ZA.

No long-term commitment is necessary with Zirtual’s flat-rate, monthly, and annual plans.

Its virtual assistants are proficient in technology and have administrative skills, making them better and faster at handling administrative tasks while freeing you up to concentrate on your area of expertise. Additionally, all virtual assistants are American citizens with college degrees who reside in the country. 

Zirtual’s assistants receive additional training in what clients need based on their already-existing knowledge, expertise, and interests. 

The abilities include managing emails, calendars, appointments, and meetings; planning events; booking travel; creating PowerPoint presentations; managing expenses and invoices; managing social media; conducting web research; managing content; creating content; and maintaining websites.

The assistants are prepared to work after receiving ongoing training in various tools and jobs. You can start using a virtual assistant within a week of your selection process.

Several benefits of hiring assistants from Zirtual include:

  • 2-hour response time on tasks
  • Virtual Assistants on a monthly basis
  • High-caliber virtual assistants
  • Secured and well-organized onboarding
  • Optimized team

Time Etc

Image Source: Time Etc

Time Etc’s broad range of services and languages, pricing flexibility, and US-based VAs with an average of 12 years of experience make them difficult to beat in the US market.

Time Etc, founded by Barnaby Lashbrooke in 2007, selects its virtual assistants (VAs) following strict guidelines. On every front, the business has received outstanding reviews.

They offer various services, including marketing, social media, data input, administration, and research. The VAs are native English speakers with college degrees and are based in the United States. 

You can choose which tasks to delegate to VAs using the step-by-step instructions provided by Time Etc. The company charges a monthly flat rate for a package of hours ranging from 10 to 60, with any unused hours carried over to the following month. The hourly rate decreases as the size of the package you purchase increases. Within the parameters of your hourly plan, you are free to assign any number of tasks and even share your time with a teammate.

The customer manager at Time Etc will suggest a list of VAs for you to interview, putting you in charge of the decision. Long-term collaboration with one primary VA is customary, but you can switch any time or hire more VAs to cover particular talent gaps.

They will complete your first task for free, with no credit card required, so you can get a sense of how it works. In addition, you will be covered by a 100% guarantee when you work with them.

Core benefits include:


A virtual assistant can be hired without much difficulty, nowadays. You can quickly and easily hire your virtual assistant with the help of any of the platforms mentioned in this blog. Send them a query or sign up for a free consultation (offerred by Wishup) to quickly find a skilled virtual assistant to manage all your trivial yet extremely important tasks. 

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