Top 5 best companies to work for in California

California is a bustling hub for longstanding businesses and startups alike, rivaling New York’s catchphrase “if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.” For Californians looking at the enormous amount of employment opportunity, many wonder which giant might be the best to work for. Well, here’s the answer. These are the top five best places to work for in California. 

  1. PayPal

A revolutionary company in financial services, PayPal is used by millions in the gig worker economy and beyond. Their platform’s flexibility is unmatched, helping even the littlest of businesses thrive. Their ethics are high, the team mentality is strong, and the company is a thriving example of what an all-inclusive workforce looks like. Other perks outside of the norm include:

  • A generous PTO program
  • 4 weeks paid sabbatical for every five years of employment
  • On-site educational benefits (courses and training)
  • Emerging Leadership Program for career progression
  • Technology Leadership Program for career progression
  1. Twitter

Everyone knows what Twitter is, but few know what working there is like. Employees are known as Tweeps, and they work inside a company culture of “#health, #trust. #straightforward, #purpose, #fast, #free, and #fun.” Transparency is also a prime value at Twitter. Inclusiveness is so ingrained that the company had inside groups to promote it, including:

  • Twitter Stripes for veterans
  • Twitter Women for female leadership
  • Twitter Alas for Latino and Latin American leadership
  • Twitter Asians to promote career advancement
  • Blackbirds for members and allies of the African diaspore 
  • Twitter Able for employees with disabilities
  • Twitter Open for the LGBTQ+ community
  • Twitter Parents to aid those with kids
  1. Latham & Watkins

Founded in 1934, this law firm has made incredible strides over the decades. Over half of their employees are women, while just under 50% are ethnic minorities. Another 78.4% of its employees are members of the Democratic Party, giving you a better idea of what workplace conversations might be like. 

With high employee retention, a global footprint, and an average salary of $134,885, what’s not to love? Better yet, the company has never been involved in a lawsuit requiring a Santa Ana business litigation attorney, making it one of the few in California to prove its commitment to employees. 

  1. Postmates

This grocery delivery and pickup service partners with various organizations to help employ everyone from gig workers to work-authorized immigrants and refugees. They offer programs for online learning, resource groups that promote excellent inclusion among the workforce, and even partners with the ACLU and National Civil Rights Organization Muslim Advocates to help fight civil liberties issues. 

Postmates offers 100% insurance coverage, any equipment needed for the job, and healthy lunches. Workshops tend to mental wellbeing, free tax filing services are available, and occupational accident insurance is provided. There’s even a stock option plan for employees. The term progressive only begins to describe this company, making it an exceptional place to work. 

  1. Chevron 

Finally, there’s Chevron. A leader in inclusive workplaces, this car company also strives to reduce its environmental footprint. There’s a solid initiative to close the gender gap and employees are encouraged to take part in volunteer activities through Chevron’s partnerships. 

While your benefits are what you would expect working for a car manufacturer, it’s Chevron’s initiatives that inspire employees. Their Humankind Initiative has donated over $35.2 million to 2,185 charitable organizations, while other initiatives benefit local communities. 

Kevin Thompson

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