Top 4 Secrets No Real Estate Broker Will Tell You

Do you have a hot new piece of real estate to seek, and feel like hiring a real estate agent is the only way to go? For many, it might be. But for others, it can turn disastrous. 

It all depends on finding the right agent, but of course, there are secrets of the trade that no agent will want you to know. That knowledge might help you do what’s best for you, though. So today, let’s talk about four of the biggest secrets real estate brokers don’t want you to know. 

Be Mindful of Zoning Laws 

You shouldn’t trust your dealer when they say you can make whatever changes you want to a new place. If you’re buying a new place that you’re not satisfied with, and plan on making a few changes later, you’ll have to think about the laws of the area. 

Fences, a treehouse, a new garden and even some redecorating that pushes your porch out a few inches could be subject to zoning laws, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to take them into serious consideration or try to decipher what those laws say. 

People often hire lawyers to untangle the threads of an area’s zoning laws for you so you can find out if the plans you have for this house are even legally possible.

Another solution to the problem would be to look into buying condos or lofts in a high-rise building. It’s the latest trend in upscale living and is certainly loads better than a boring old house in a neighborhood, and you can click here for more info about it!

Agents Might Not Want to Hold Off for a Good Offer 

Sometimes your agent might recommend selling for a price that was nowhere near your ideal goal. You have to keep in mind that your team estate brokers are paid when a deal closes, which means that the brokers might often band together to protect their personal interests over your own. 

When they’re trying to secure you as an agent, a real estate broker will most likely overestimate your property’s value. What happens, in the end, is that your appraisal and contract prices don’t align–not even close! 

This is why experts who’ve shared the inside scoop with home sellers before always invest in an independent appraiser. It’s money well spent. 

Open Houses Don’t Help Much 

There’s a commonly accepted practice of doing an open house day when you’re trying to seek your house, but most open houses don’t end up selling the house at all. Those days are more for your real estate broker’s benefit than yours! 

Agents themselves acknowledge that most of the people who show up on the day aren’t interested parties- they’re there just to try figure out what the market is like, and what to expect from the neighborhood.  

That isn’t to say that open houses don’t benefit you at all, but you need to be mindful of how you do it, and try to prepare your house for open house day the right way. 

Are You Getting What You Paid For? 

When you’re looking for a real estate agent you want the best of the best, right? Most people do. This is why they end up signing with some of the bigger names in the real estate market, hoping that they’ll get the best representation.

Sad thing is that more often than not, your deal might be passed on to an assistant or a junior in the agency instead, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to follow up with the agent you hired frequently to know just how involved he is with the whole process. 

Getting an agent might be the right step for you if you’re looking to sell your property, but knowing some of the common marketing tricks and tactics brokers employ to close their deals and get more people to sign with them will end up benefiting you in the long run. It’s a great thing to want to hire an expert, but you have to make sure they actually have your best interests in mind.

Annika Bansal

Annika "The Chick Geek" is the founder of Small Business Sense shares small business ideas, tips and resources for independent Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners.