Top 4 Reasons to Install Vertical External Blinds in an Office

Are you still using curtains at your home or office for covering your windows? Are you tired of replacing or washing them regularly? Are you looking for elegant yet less expensive options for your windows? If you are looking for an option like this, you can consider vertical blinds as resistant, convenient to use, and resistant and made up of polyester fabric.

This style is best for the seekers looking for a cost-effective, modern and stunning treatment for windows. The vertical window blinds allow maximum or minimum sunlight to pass and are available in different sizes and shapes, making it quite feasible to blend with the existing interior decor of the house. The blinds can be external and internal. Internal blinds can replace curtains or divisions in space, while external blinds can be used outdoors to create enclosed spaces. Both of these blind serve different purposes and are used commonly by people due to their ready availability. 

Vertical External Blinds:

Undoubtedly outdoor blinds are among the popular types of window treatments in outdoor spaces like Veranda and patio. They are quite in high demand and due to the benefits, they bring to the users. Outdoor blinds are quite similar to those installed inside the office or home. The only difference in the outdoor blinds, such as electric blinds and zip track blinds as they are resistant and resilient to the external elements. 

For patio blinds, the cloth-like material can be used that can be raised upwards or rolled into the side. The outdoor blinds from companies like Shade Factor’s external blinds, are available in many variants like  manual for zip track blinds or can be machine operated for electric blinds. 

Traditional plantation shutters and blinds can give you the added privacy and protect you from hard heat and sun and add a decorative feature to your abode. They are a versatile covering perfect for all weather and are highly practical and stylish. They do allow the homeowners to create a kind of semi-permanent extension in their property. If they are installed around the patio or deck, the outdoor blinds can act as a rudimentary conservatory. 

They are a perfect choice for homes and business houses. Many restaurants and cafes use these customized exterior blinds to add extra space to their premises. It allows them to have a lot of room to play and is less expensive than the permanent extension. It applies to the home solution; adding up external blinds is an affordable, appealing and practical idea.

Let’s go through few reasons for installing vertical external blinds:

Weather Resistant:

Sitting the whole day outdoors is not possible because of harsh sunlight. For example, a warm sunny day makes it difficult to bear the strong wind, and people like to sit outdoors. Dust, wind, rain and sun make spending outdoors or in the garden quite uncomfortable. But if you have outdoor blinds, it will not be a problem because they are weather resistant. The outdoor blinds also offer protection, shade and shelter against the wind.

Protect your furniture:

The outdoor blinds can create an enclosed space, and they do provide a lot of protection for the garden furniture. If chairs, tables, benches (especially wooden and plastic ones) are kept away from getting into direct contact with the harmful elements like dust, rain or other harsh weather conditions last longer. Try keeping your furniture safe inside the outdoor blind walls, and you will see no wear and tear. 

Save money:

Money can be saved by installing external blinds to prevent your home from any extreme weather issues requiring energy for the air conditioning. In the scorching heat of summer months, the blinds can be used as a shield in keeping the interiors cool. And in winters, the fabrics used in vertical blinds will prevent heat loss and keep interiors warm. They act as insulators and can help in reducing the electricity bills as the air conditioners’ usage will be cut down.


With the installation of external blinds, the home exterior design can be improved. The exterior blinds are available in varied sizes and shapes and are custom designed according to the different spaces and windows suiting the needs. The powder coating colors and fabrics are amazing, and there are plenty of colors available for them. They can be customized to match up with the building colors or choose the shade that can complement the building’s design. The external blinds can also add to the building’s homely features as it dresses them up and provides a complete look.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.