Top 4 Budgeting Apps You Should Consider in 2022

Budgeting is one of the most important financial concepts. It allows you to keep tabs on your expenses, keep track of your income, and increase your savings. As a result, it’ll help you make smarter financial decisions, plan for crises, pay off debt, and focus on your ultimate financial objectives. 

While making a sound and realistic budget is a feat, adhering to it can be more problematic. And many people throw in the towel halfway. 

However, you can achieve just about any financial goal if you have the right tools and support. 

This post has compiled a list of the four best budgeting apps in 2022 for Australians. These Apps can help you realise your short-term, middle-term, and even long-term financial goals. Let’s dive in. 

Beem It

Beem It, owned by Eftpos, is a free quick payment application that allows you to receive and pay cash instantly. It has some incredible features, such as a tracking and dividing function for shared expenses or collective spending.

Even though Beem was not explicitly developed for budgeting, it could be handy for keeping track of shared costs, whether with housemates, a spouse, relatives, or colleagues. An individual can settle the power bill using BPAY and then seek payment from others, all in one app. However, all group members must have Beem It to use this function.

  • Available on Android and iOS


Fudget is an easy alternative to the more feature-packed and complicated budget planners. It allows users to make essential lists of their revenue and expenses and monitor their balances. You do not need to link your bank account, as most budget apps do. This could be useful for folks who want a simple budget method but are hesitant to provide their bank details.

However, the Fudget app is fundamental. It does not separate your expenditure or add information or extras like bill reminders or savings objectives. You’ll also have to manually record your expenses, which may be inconvenient if you’re short on time.

Fudget has two versions; a free download and a paid pro version. The paid pro version comes with extra features like sharing your budget details through Dropbox. 

  • Available on Android and iOS


The Raiz app is primarily designed for investment and saving. However, it can double up as a budgeting app too. Raiz is famous for its exceptional feature that can round up users’ transactions and support the change in their Raiz accounts.  

With Raiz’s MyFinance function, you can get a customised view of your expenditure and a projection of your future income based on the information in your synced accounts. 

You can also take out some loan products from Viva Payday Loans such as $50 Loan Instant Australia if you don’t realize your income target. 

Additionally, the categories featuring “food and dining” and “shopping” let you determine where your cash is spent.

You can download the Raiz app for free, but some costs are associated with investing in it. Presently, the monthly fee; for standard portfolios is $3.50 for accounts below $15,000, while the annual fee is 0.275% for accounts over $15,000.

  • Available on Android and iOS


Pocketbook, owned by BNPL (buy now, pay later), is an excellent Australia-based free budgeting application. After linking your bank accounts, this application will automatically track transactions and classify them differently; transport, groceries, and shopping. This will give you an accurate picture of where you’re spending. You can also link your retirement savings and investment portfolios together.

You can prepare a budget for each spending category and receive alerts when you’re approaching your maximum. Reminders for impending bills and recurring payments can be sent via Pocketbook.

  • Available on Android and iOS

Final Thoughts 

Whether short-term, middle-term, or long-term, financial goals require proper planning. And there is an economic concept that beats budgeting when it comes to achieving financial goals. Adequate budgeting starts by determining your revenue and then planning within your means. As a result, you’ll have realistic goals and boost your savings. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.