8 Space Saving Tips Every Business Owner Should Know

Running a business can be the key to success beyond your wildest dreams. Sure, you’ve got to put in the grind – the long hours, the late nights, the early mornings. But if you can scale up and increase your revenue, your capacity for earning can be limitless, especially when compared to being on wages.

However, with running a business comes a whole heap of things to manage. You need to stay across your staff, strategy, taxes, bookkeeping, and more. You also need to manage your brick and mortar location if you operate from an office or warehouse. 

And making the most use of available space is often a challenge for businesses, especially smaller ones that may occupy a small office while they start out.

We’ll share eight space-saving tips every business owner should know in this helpful article. Read on to find out more.

Place Desks Strategically

You should place your desks and standing desks for the office in a strategic layout. Plan it out rather than putting them in any old corner of the office or where they’ll fit. Make use of your available space. Heck, even get out the trusty old measuring tape and measure up the desks’ dimensions and your space. This should give you an idea of where you can fit each desk and create extra space in your office. 

Use Cube Storage Shelves

This is an incredible hack and one that many homeowners around the world employ. A cube storage shelf is a great way to store books, files, odds and ends and other miscellaneous items. You should be able to fit a few shelves along the walls, or you can use them to create a sense of partition if you have an open-plan office.

Most major furniture stores will have a few different cube storage shelf options. So pick the one that matches your budget, aesthetic preferences and available office space. 

Consider Offsite Storage

If your small office space is bursting at the seams with stuff, there is a solution available: offsite storage. You can rent some storage space nearby at a self-storage location. You may even be able to claim the cost on your tax return – check-in with your accountant on this.

The perks of a self-storage space are that you can store files, stock and other items there without turning your office into a cramped rabbit warren full of random stuff. 

Choose a location close to your office, so if you need to take something out of storage, you won’t have to travel far.

Put Cabinets Under Desks

Another great way to save space is to pop some rolling metal cabinets under your teams’ desks. This way, they can store their paperwork, stationery, personal items and other stuff in the cabinets without needing to take up space anywhere else. The desks are already there, so they’re not adding to any additional clutter. You can get small cabinets relatively cheaply from any office supply store. 

Use the Walls

If possible, consider some wall-mounted cabinets to store things in. If you’re leasing office space, run this past the landlord – although commercial real estate can often be modified and fitted out in ways that residential can’t. 

By mounting some cabinets on the walls, you save space that would otherwise be used to store things. You can then keep files, stationery or other supplies in these cabinets. Just ensure they are at an easy to reach height for all your team. 

Get Mail Trays

If you have lots of incoming and outgoing mail, consider investing in some mail trays that can sit at the reception area. Clearly label them, so things don’t get mixed up. Your incoming mail goes in one tray while your outgoing goes in the other one. This will keep the front desk neat, tidy and presentable for visitors.

Stationery Jars or Glasses

A great way your team can keep their desk tidy and organised is with stationery jars or glasses. Their pens, pencils, highlighters, and other stationery can go into the jar, leaving their desks sparse and neat. This will work to reduce the amount of clutter in the office, which goes a long way to creating the appearance of extra space.

Cable Management

One thing that can make an office seem crowded and cramped are untidy cables hanging everywhere. Ensure your server room and your teams’ desks have good, neat cable management. Your IT person should be able to manage this, or the company that you outsource your IT set-up to can also do this. 

A Clean Conclusion

We’ve shared eight space-saving tips that every business owner should know. These should ensure your office space is neat, tidy and feels open and sparse. Remember – clutter equals a cramped impression, so make sure to employ the tips designed to make your office appear open and de-cluttered.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.