Top 3 Forklift Maintenance Tips to Ensure Warehouse Safety

If you want to enhance warehouse safety as well as productivity, you’ll want to pay attention to forklift maintenance. All of the equipment and machinery you use within the warehouse should be well maintained, but it’s easy to forget about your forklift.

In case if forklifts are a big part of your business operations it is important to understand how to use them more efficiently. According to your business needs there can be different options of how you can use the equipment, so it is firstly important to determine whether you need to buy or lease the forklift you’re going to utilize.

If you want to ensure your forklift operates safely and efficiently, below you’ll discover the top 3 maintenance tips you can follow.

1. Carry out regular inspections

Carrying out regular inspections of your forklifts is the first step to keeping them well maintained. You’ll need to inspect everything from the tyres to the flow meter to identify any potential problems early on. 

You can do the inspection yourself or hire a professional to do it for you. If you choose the latter option, you’ll receive peace of mind that the forklift will be given a thorough inspection. They’ll also be able to potentially identify issues you wouldn’t know to look for.

2. Follow manufacturer guidelines

It’s important to read through the manufacturer guidelines in relevance to the maintenance of your forklifts. You’ll need to follow the instructions provided, particularly if you want to retain the warranty supplied. If you fail to maintain the forklift as specified by the manufacturer, any warranty included may become void. 

Manufacturer guidelines will typically cover how frequently to change the oil, as well as when to carry out services. You’ll find this really useful in terms of keeping it well maintained and working correctly. 

3. Ensure you clean the forklift

One of the best ways to ensure your forklift is operating as efficiently and safely as it should, is to clean it regularly. You’ll want to clean the engine, oil filters and the entire exterior of the forklift are dust-free. In some cases, fitting a belly plate underneath the truck can help to prevent dust being sucked up into the vehicle. 

If too much dust gets into the engine, it’s going to cause a lot more wear and tear. This in turn will affect the forklift’s efficiency. So, protecting the engine against dust buildup should be a key priority. 

These are some of the best maintenance tips you can follow to ensure your forklift is safe and efficient. Taking just a little time to focus on maintenance each month could save you a small fortune. You’ll be able to identify any issues quickly, preventing them from worsening and potentially damaging the forklift. 

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.