Top 10 Lead Generation Software in 2022:


Lead generation is the initiation of interest by an individual into your products or services. The interest is expressed by sharing contact details like email addresses or phone numbers. In other words, if someone fills up a form on your website and initiates interaction with your website then as per a marketer this would be a lead. A marketer can get them interested in a sales conversation later.

Lead Generation Software automates the process of capturing leads. It saves time and assists you in increasing brand awareness to attract leads.

Top 10 Lead Generation Software in 2022:

We have given an overview of the top ten lead generation software that you can choose in 2022.


LeadGen is an online form builder for Lead Generation by which you can easily create powerful multi-step forms to capture up to 5 times more leads and verify & manage your contacts in one place.


Form builder which allows you to easily create multi-step lead generation forms or choose from 150+templates, LeadProof is for social proof popups to show real-time lead activity to your web visitors, and Lead Verification to generate certificates to validate the lead quality and user journey to resell data to buyers.

Pricing: $39-$200 /month


Pipedrive is an all-in-one sales platform for growing revenue and is the first CRM designed by salespeople.


A visual sales pipeline,  team collaboration,  activity reminders, segment leads,contact history,web forms,mobile app,300+ integrations,24/7 customer support,privacy and security,Al-powered automation,revenue forecasting,email integration,etc.

Pricing: $11.90-$74 /month

HubSpot Marketing Hub:

It is marketing software to help you attract the right audience, convert more visitors into customers, and run complete inbound marketing campaigns at scale. It is an easy-to-use platform.


Attracting visitors via blogging, social media, ads, etc. It converts visitors into customers with landing pages, emails, marketing automation, etc. You can track ROI with revenue attribution reporting.

Pricing: $45-$3,200 /month


LeadFuze is a search engine for leads. It has the most accurate contact and data intelligence possible for revenue teams & recruiters.


Lead Intelligence which you can use for emails,phone numbers,list building,social profiles,background,ad Targeting ,workflows, ad spend,account based,employee lists,hiring,fundraising,new partnerships,staff changes,expansions,technologies used,skill search,data exporting.

Pricing: $132.30-$447.30 /month

Call page:

The call page allows you to turn website visitors into sales calls instantly and is one of the top callback automation for your website which helps you connect with buyers faster.


Popular features include lead generation and lead targeting. For sales popular features include call back in 28 seconds call scheduling and CRM integration.

For service, popular features include callback in 28 seconds from the link, widget customization and call tickets dashboard.

Pricing: $29-$379/month


Leadfeeder allows you to turn page views into pipelines by identifying the companies already visiting your website and converting them into high-value leads.


Lead generation, account-related marketing, visitor tracking, and sales prospecting.

Pricing: $0-$80 /month


Optinmonster allows you to increase your website traffic. It will help you to grow your email list, get more leads and increase sales as it is one of the top optimization toolkits in the world.


MonsterLinks 2-Step Optins,Geo-location Targeting,exit-intent technology.

Pricing: $14-$49 /month


Max traffic assists you to grow your business with web push notifications, it provides a great way to acquire, engage and retain customers or leads after they have left your website and drive website engagement with high-impact overlays.


Web push notifications, overlays & promo bars. You can increase conversion rates and improve customer retention using MaxTraffic.

Pricing:$0-$50 /month

Agile CRM:

Agile CRM is an all-in-one CRM software that can supercharge your sales, marketing, and service.


All-in-one CRM,affordable,next-generation,contact management,deals,telephony,appointment scheduling,project management,gamification.

Pricing:$8.99-$47.99 /month


With intercom, you can increase engagement by using its best chatbots, proactive messages, email campaigns, self-serve support, and more.


Delivers personal customer support, onboarding, and re-engages customers and converts more website visitors into customers with its business messenger, management tools, customer data platform, apps & integrations.

Pricing: For very small businesses, it starts at  $74 /month and for most businesses, you can contact them on their website for pricing.

Zonka Feedback

Zonka Feedback is an ideal customer feedback tool by which you can create a popup form to gain quality customer leads. You can use pre-built survey templates to create the survey according to your business and personalize the pop ups too. You can maximize the engagement and leads by using different features such as smiley questions, NPS questions, CES metrics and more. There are lots of integrations present in the tool that helps you to nurture the leads.

Key features:

Create surveys, Manage Feedback, Configure multiple locations, cumulative and comparative reports, works on both iOS and Android devices, real-time SMS and email notifications for new and low feedback


Free plan for 15 days.

Essential plan $24/month.

Starter plan $44/month.

Professional plan $79/month.

Growth plan $129/month.

Enterprise plan $629/month.


Lead generation software is very important for the growth of your business and we have given an overview of the top ten lead generation software that you can rely on in 2022 .LeadGen tops the list however you can select anyone based on your budget and usage.

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