Tips on Creating Promotional Videos Like a Professional

When it comes to consuming content, whether online or offline, video wins everything over pictures or print. That is why more businesses are turning to videos for their marketing. It is simply not enough to make videos anymore. For your marketing strategy to work, you need to be creative with your content. Here a few things you can do to develop a creative, quality video content:


This is a crucial step many producers tend to overlook. This is the preparation stage where you plan the entire shoot before actually shooting. Prepare a storyboard with each scene and a script (if required). Spend a lot of time planning than shooting.

The Shoot

These are the things you should pay attention when shooting a video.


Lighting can make all the difference in video production. A quality video uses various lightings to achieve outstanding image quality. As lighting equipment gets cheaper every year, every producer should invest in it. Even a low-budget production can turn out to be great.

Colour Theme

A colour theme can set the mood for your viewers. Using the right colour theme can drastically affect the way your marketing message is perceived. Always remember that colours have ‘temperatures’. Cold temperature has a bluish effect, which need not always reflect the actual colour. Learn how to set white balance on your camera manually. For example, when shooting a live action film, you want to capture the scenes as accurately as possible. That includes the actual colour relating to the time of day.

Essential Equipment and Sound

No matter how creative you are as a producer, if you don’t have the right equipment, there is only so far you can go. Some essential equipment that can enhance creative productions are:

  • Gimbal – adds stability to your shots
  • DSLR camera – improves the quality of shots and allows you to get creative shots for later selection
  • Sound – quality audio recording microphone is needed, but, sometimes, to be creative means using the right music instead

Types of Creative Videos

There are various types of creative shoots that are ideal for marketing:


This is a creative way to show projects that would otherwise look boring if demonstrated in pictures or regular videos. They are particularly popular in production, construction projects, a large space, a long distance, or anything that takes time to develop. It is a time compressor.

UAV Filming

In the past decade, unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone filming has become popular. They are being used for filming scenes from a higher elevation. Historically, helicopters were used, but that is expensive. This cheap and easy-to-use method is a creative way to get professional looking shots without breaking the bank.

Virtual Reality 360 Filming

Consider creating a VR 360 film for your next marketing video. This futuristic production takes viewers into a highly immersive experience. People can interact with products like never before while being entertained. The professionals at Liquona specialize in creating such creative videos using 3D motion graphics.


Animations are perfect for product demonstration or how-to videos. They keep things light, humorous, colourful, and generally pleasant to watch. They are a great marketing tool for family products.

Promotional videos are an extension of a brand. Be sure to choose the right production type that matches the message you intend to pass across. Invest in a quality production that is within your budget because it is worth it. Once a video goes out to the public, you cannot take it back.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.