Tips on Buying Your First Motorcycle

Buying a motorcycle for the first time can be thrilling and overwhelming at the same time. You want to make sure you’re getting everything right from the beginning. Before you can think about visiting a Yamaha Motorcycle Dealer, you should have done research on the kind of motorcycle that is best suited for your needs. Buying a motorcycle is different from buying a car in so many ways. If anything, you will have to be more careful when buying a motorcycle. Here are some of the things to consider before you decide to visit the dealer.


Before you can even think about buying a motorcycle, you should have completed the Motorcycle Safety Foundation Course. This will ensure not only your safety but also of other road users. It doesn’t matter if you’re already experienced with motorcycles, it is better to be safe than sorry.


You might have the exact amount for the purchase of the motorcycle and not leaving enough for insurance. Before you can decide to purchase a bike, you should be thinking about the total cost of ownership. This means you will have to factor in things like insurance, repairs, and maintenance into consideration.

Having insurance will ensure that you’re covered in case of an injury or damage to the motorcycle. The insurance will also take care of the medical bills depending on the extent of the coverage.

Finding What Fits You

It is crucial that you’re searching for a motorcycle that fits your needs. Will you be using it daily or only on special occasions? It should be noted that what felt good in the showroom might not be as pleasant just after five minutes on the road. You should start by researching the different kinds of motorcycles that are currently available on the market. The most common types of bikes will have to be standard motorbikes and sports bikes. More on this.

Sports bikes are ideal if you’re looking for speed and performance. They can be tough on the back at lower speeds or longer rides. If you’re looking for a daily driver, sports bike not be the ideal solution.

Standard bikes, on the other hand, are great if you will be using them a lot. They support the body posture and the rider in an upright position. You don’t have to lean too far forward in order to operate the motorcycle.

Cruisers are also popular but can be challenging to handle if you’re just starting out. The fact that they’re laid-back makes them the ideal choice for long trips. It has low footpegs which will mean that the rider has to lean back slightly which can be uncomfortable for some people. The seating position is definitely not recommended for beginners who are looking to ride long distances. You might also experience challenges trying to control the cruiser at lower speeds because of the heavyweight. The good news there is a plethora of aftermarket products that meant to enhance the riding experience of the motorcycle.


It is important that you’re doing due diligence before making any purchasing decisions. If you’ve decided on a particular bike, make sure you’re researching everything on the brand and what you can expect in terms of repairs and maintenance. It is imperative to make an effort to know everything about the bike. Google has made it easy to search for information nowadays. You can go to forums and see what other people are saying about that particular motorcycle and the brand.

Seat Height

For a new rider, this is one of the most important considerations before you buy a motorcycle. You want to make sure you’re as comfortable as possible. You will have the confidence to operate the motorbike if you’re able to plant both feet on the pavement. This could be challenging if the bike is heavy or the seat is not right.


It will be tempting to go for a motorcycle that offers the highest displacement. As a new rider, you will have to get used to handling the motorcycle. A motorbike with 600cc has more than enough power for even experienced riders. Manufacturers will often suggest the best power for new riders. You can always upgrade once you’ve gotten used to the dynamics of handling a motorcycle. The weight of the bike will go up with the displacement. You will want to buy a bike that won’t give you a lot of balancing issues when you’re stuck in traffic.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.