Tips for Dental Practitioners to Succeed in 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic and resultant lockdowns and stay-at-home orders hit dental practices in a big way. With patients canceling all procedures including cosmetic and non-emergency treatments, dental clinics noticed a sharp drop in their appointments and schedules. Statistics indicate that close to 7.7 million people lost their jobs that provided Employer-Sponsored Insurance (ESI), which is why they had to delay dental treatments. The outlook for 2021 seems to be looking up since December 2020 and will continue to improve all through 2021. If you’ve been looking for the right strategies to grow your practice, here’s a quick look at the most effective approaches you can adopt.

Review Your Marketing and Advertising Approaches

Since the business landscape has changed significantly in all spheres, post-pandemic, you’ll need to re-examine and evaluate the marketing approaches you’ve been using. If needed, check with a skilled advertising expert who also specializes in working in the dental industry. You’ll start by updating your website to make it more user-friendly. With more patients relying on the internet for information about the best practitioners in their area, you’ll want to concentrate on setting up a robust storefront for your clinic with the complete details of the services you provide. 

Check Online Directories and Add Listings

With the assistance of your digital marketing expert, you’ll check the directories and platforms that list dental practices. Aside from local directories, you should also take the time to check Google My Business, ZocDoc, Yelp, and Healthgrades. Claim ownership of the existing profile and take steps to enhance it so patients can find you easily. Make sure to check contact information along with phone numbers, emails, and address. You’d also repair broken links and faulty social media directs, wherever necessary. Read up on the reviews posted by customers and respond to both, positive and negative comments.

Talk About the Precautions You Take to Minimize the Risk of Infections

Like experienced dentist Donald Shingler advises, dentists must reassure patients that their clinics have all the arrangements to minimize the risk of infections. Understand that patients are wary about the possibility of contamination and need to know that you’re following all the preventive protocols. List all the precautions you take, such as:

  • Performing procedures in an airborne infection isolation room or negative pressure room
  • Following standard hygiene practices like hand-washing and minimizing contact
  • Limiting the number of dental healthcare providers in the room 
  • Limiting the number of patients allowed into the facility and their companions
  • Taking extraoral x-rays instead of intraoral to minimize the amount of droplets
  • Using sutures that are absorbed into the tissues to prevent the need for follow-up sittings
  • Maintaining a sterile environment in the clinic by cleaning all surfaces using EPA-approved chemicals
  • Making sure all personnel wear the necessary protective gear such as gowns, gloves, an N95 mask, and eye protection, including goggles and reusable face shields

Prepare your practice for reopening by using digital marketing approaches that particularly advertise the safety measures you’ve adopted. Reassure patients about exceptional hygiene standards, and you’re sure to be successful in 2021.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.