Things A PEO Does (So You Don’t Have To)

Many small-business owners have a lot of paperwork, HR issues, and other things that impede them from reaching their core goals. However, you don’t have to worry about these issues once you hire a Professional Employer Organization (PEO).

PEO: Overview

A PEO is a company that takes care of a company’s outsourced payroll, benefits, taxes, and some forms of compliance documents. When it comes to payroll, time off, and taxes, a PEO serves as an outsourced HR department for your company. When working with a PEO, you engage in a co-employment arrangement, so you and the PEO employ your employee simultaneously.

Things A PEO Does

HR Compliance

There are numerous facets to HR, and it’s essential to keep in mind all of them. Every year, new legislation and trends in human resources are introduced. As a result, you’ll need to keep up and watch over every facet of human resources. Even the tiniest of mistakes can have a disastrous impact on the company. PEOs provide human resources services and assistance for a wide range of HR-related tasks, including employee reporting, new hire documentation, tax forms, and job forms.

Payroll Management

Payroll processing is one of the most expensive and time-consuming components of running a business. Additionally, there is the fear of making mistakes, as even the slightest inaccuracy may result in significant financial losses for a business. However, by entrusting this task to a PEO, you may rest easy knowing that your employees will be paid on time and appropriately.


PEOs look after the onboarding process of a company. Research suggests that 69% of workers are more likely to stay with a firm if they had a good onboarding experience, and organizations with a consistent onboarding procedure have a 50% better new-hire productivity. PEOs assist with onboarding, including computerized onboarding solutions that save paperwork and speed up the recruiting process.

Employee Performance Administration

Continuous employee performance management lets your employees develop individual goals that correspond with your organization’s aims. This is a fantastic strategy for energizing and motivating people. PEO professionals can assist in managing a skills inventory, setting and managing agile objectives, and improving organizational alignment.


This implies that when you have workers in your company, you have an obligation to provide them with benefits. Although certain perks aren’t required, they can help you achieve long-term success. An attractive and motivating benefits package will attract and encourage employees, which will result in a more devoted and productive workforce. Understanding the fundamentals of benefits, such as medical insurance and disability insurance, is critical to the development of your business. If you work with a trustworthy PEO, you may rest easy knowing that your health, dental, and vision insurance expenditures will be kept to a minimum.

Solutions For Risk Management and Safety

PEOs provide valuable techniques for preventing workplace accidents. As part of their accident prevention efforts, they give employees safety manuals and other resources that help keep them safe and reduce the likelihood of injury. It is essential to analyze a company’s existing status and provide effective remedies for difficulties to avoid a financial loss.

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