These 5 Technology Trends Could Reshape The Construction Industry In 2020

In the past few years, the construction industry has evolved a lot, and now many new technologies are available to help engineers. If you talk about new tools and equipment, then 2019 was a very successful year for the construction industry, but what about 2020? 

Many people were saying that in 2020, the construction industry will reach new heights in terms of both technology and finance. Just like in 2019, there are many technology trends that you will get to see in 2020. 

So if you are eager to learn more, then stick to this article. In this article, you will get to know about the five technology trends that could reshape the construction industry in 2020. So let’s get started

1- Robotics

One of the biggest technology trends in the construction industry is the incorporation of robotics. However, robots were being used in 2019, but in 2020, it is expected that it will take over the market.

Many new technologies, such as robotic bricklayers and other robotics, will make the construction industry automated. This will reduce the dependence on laborers, which can be very useful to complete the work faster. 

By adding robots, the quality of buildings will improve, and it will make sure that the work is done on time.

2- 3D Printing

Along with robotics, 3D printing has been giving amazing results, and it was already being used all over the world. Many construction companies have opted for 3D printing as it helps in reducing the time and gives fantastic outcomes. 

In comparison to the traditional building methods, 3d printing has given many material costs benefits. Along with this, it is also instrumental in reducing waste and also makes the building process more efficient, as you won’t need to worry about workers’ shift patterns.

3- Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is undoubtedly one of the most useful things for the construction industry. It changed the entire industry for good and gave a new direction as you know that buildings are becoming more complex, and these technologies are helping engineers to create more efficient designs. 

Not only the designing, but virtual reality has also made it very easy to detect errors and flaws in the plans. However, virtual reality is already prevalent in different industries, but it is set to gain popularity in the construction industry. 

Some of the significant uses of VR are seeing through walls, 3D modeling of buildings, innovate BIM visualization, etc.

4- Safety Tools

Another technology trend that will reshape the construction is using tools that provide better security. As you know that construction one of those industries that has a high record of accidents. 

That’s why it is essential to look for better safety equipment. In recent years, many useful safety tools have been introduced, such as the Orion flare kit, and it is also believed that in 2020, safety in the construction industry will increase even more. For example- work boots that connect with WIFI, GPS were a huge success. 

Though these boots are difficult to get in 2019 in 2020, it is expected that it will be available very quickly.

5- Project Management Solutions

Apart from technological advances, project management solutions will inevitably change the construction industry in 2020. In recent years, many companies have come up with their own project management solutions, which is an excellent thing for the construction industry

The best thing about the new project management solutions is that they have a better interface and provide a number of options to choose from. 

They have made the management process more comfortable, and they are a great way to keep all the necessary documents organized in one place.


So these were the top 5 technology trends that could reshape the construction industry in 2020. Some years back, there were only a few technological resources for the construction industry, but now, with the increment in time, many advanced technologies are available. 

However, all these technologies are also used in different sectors, but the construction industry has gained a lot of benefits by using them. And in 2020, it is expected that these techs will get even more advanced and increase the valuation of the construction industry.

Adam Hansen

Adam is a part time journalist, entrepreneur, investor and father.