The Uproad app makes your toll road trips stress-free and cost-efficient

Integrated with toll agencies, Uproad automatically processes toll payments and sends you real-time notifications.

The new Uproad app is rapidly expanding throughout the US, making mobile tolling more convenient than transponders and windshield tags. With over 5,000 miles of toll roads, this app can be a life-saver for any driver.

This app is free and available on iOS and Android. Once you download Uproad and set up your account, you can start using it as early as the next day. Just add a vehicle, your preferred payment method, and look out for the green ‘Active’ label while the Uproad team activates your vehicle with the toll agencies. Once the process is complete, you’ll get a push notification as well.

Whenever you take a toll road, the app will send you a notification right away. The toll charges will post to your account, and Uproad will cover them automatically using your funds on your balance. To make sure you’re not hitting a negative balance, you can turn on the Autopay mode. This way, your account balance will replenish whenever it’s less than a certain amount. Or simply use Manual mode to remain in full control of your payments.

Uproad lets you pay with PayPal, Venmo, Credit, and Debit cards. The app charges you a small transaction fee on top of the toll cost. To pay the lowest price, you can subscribe to their Premium membership. Are you driving on toll roads a lot? That’s your best choice.

Besides automating your tolling experience and helping you avoid late fees, Uproad also offers transparency regarding future toll charges. With their built-in trip calculator, you can set your destination, and the app will estimate your toll expenses before you hit the road. Plus, you can always separate your personal and business transactions. 

You can link up to ten cars to your account, remove it anytime and dispute toll charges with toll authorities if needed (customer service agents will help with that.)

While the app is relatively new to the market, plenty of users already choose it over transponders and windshield tags. And no wonder, when you have your toll activity history on your smartphone, you get the transparency that you won’t get with a separate device.


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